Your wedding isn’t a regular day. For every single bride, it has to be the best day of her life, which can’t be topped easily. Some brides like to start by doing mood boards to choose their color palette; others like to start with the venue. But for us at Eduardo Perrone, starting with the floral arrangements is essential.

A flower tells a lot about your personality. For instance, have you stopped once to think what your favorite flower is and what your favorite scent is? There are studies that show that smell is strongly linked to memories. Why not creating unforgettable memories with flowers? Today, we’ll tell you which flowers you should pick according to the wedding you’re looking for!

What wedding do you want?

Here’s where planning comes in handy! Are you looking for a romantic and classic wedding? A beach wedding is exactly what you’ve dreamed of? A tip that could help you is writing down adjectives that could define your wedding in the future. Once you have this, you can start looking for flowers that reflect those aspects.

  • Vintage: we’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: vintage never goes out of style. You can add classic white roses, English roses, or pale pink flowers with antiqued wood and white details. Sea lavenders, false goat’s beard and eucalyptus are excellent companions for this warm, yet chic concept.

  • Classic: some people associate “classic” with boring, and that’s not the case. Classic makes you think of romance, details and minimalism. Here, you can play with white roses and white lilies around a white and pastels palette.

  • Rustic: if there’s something that makes this season incredibly special is its weather. Fresh, bright, and most importantly: sunny! Flowers, such as baby breath, lavender, masterworts, and others add the perfect balance of greenery and nature necessary for these events.

  • Beach wedding: the main attribute of a beach wedding is their spontaneity and simplicity. That’s why when you’re planning, take into account oceanic views as a backdrop combined with flowers that can withstand high temperatures: sunflowers, lilies, lavenders, hydrangeas, magnolias, etc.

You don’t have to have everything figured out now, but picturing the wedding of your dreams and the flowers that come with it is the first step. Eduardo Perrone can help you take small baby steps to organize the flower arrangement you’re looking for. Make this Blooming Occasions part of your life today!