It’s more than just the most popular season of the year. It’s a wedding trend. Sunshine, nice weather, refreshing breezes, and wonderful event planning make that day, the perfect day.


If you’re dreaming of a summer wedding and you don’t know how to start, here are some tips to do it, and the best flowers to use in this season:


  1. The bride’s dress and makeup:


If you’re a summer bride, don’t panic! Your wedding dress has to be beautiful, but fresh. You need to be comfortable. Choose a dress that highlights your figure and allows you to enjoy yourself. Your makeup has to look natural and fresh; delicate and elegant.


  1. Location:


Look for a place that makes you feel in a fairytale. Look for a happy place that represents you and your love.


  1. Decoration:


Decoration is the face of your wedding. It’s a very important step. You are the soul of your event, but decoration is the body. Talk to your wedding planner; make sure to be clear and to express everything you want.


Flowers are the greatest part. The best summer flowers are sunflowers, Peonies, Garden Roses, Lavender, Freesias, Orchid, Roses, and Dahlias.


Identify which are your favorite flowers, and if you already know them and want to make us part of your magical day, tell us what they are and we will make it happen. No matter the season, tell us in advance and you will have them.



  1. Your loved ones:


You need to share love and happiness with the people who love to see you smile. Make sure to have them there and take amazing photos.