Boho style or boho-chic style will always be trending in the fashion world. Relaxed, romantic, flowery, original, comfortable, rebel, free and vintage are words that describe this style. Over the last year, it has been popularized in weddings because brides and grooms wish to create a sense of low-cost with a retro style for weddings; this means a simple wedding with a personalized and welcoming room for guests.


Every boho atmosphere needs wild flowers, wooden baskets, vintage accessories and many natural colors. Wild flowers are those that grow naturally or in the wild without direct or intentional human intervention. They can be whether common or exotic, and achieve a romantic and cozy atmosphere. This is why we will help you combine different kind of wild flowers and all the benefits they have for you in terms of beauty and accessibility.


These are quite aromatic flowers. On the other hand, they’re very beautiful and decorative; they have a violet tone and are shaped like a pin. They require lots of light, although they resist the winter weather and they also adapt to rocky areas and dry soils. Lavender brings a sweet and bright virtue to any bridal look.


These flowers are commonly used for decorative and culinary purposes, because they are edible. They considered wild flowers and are often seen in gardens and lawns. They give a colorful and rustic atmosphere. They can be used in sweets and cakes, fields, the bride’s headdress, the groom’s bouquet, and invitations for guests.


This flower is native to Africa, but it has spread throughout the Mediterranean. It is a very aromatic and multicolored plant. The beautiful and intense flowers come in colors such as blue, white and even yellow, and are perfect to freshen up the place.


From Asia, hydrangeas are fleshy plants with large leaves and lilac or blue flowers. They are elegant and delicate, perfect for summer weddings, and their wide variety of colors play along with any type of decoration.


This plant blooms in winter and during the spring in the forests of Europe, and some regions of the Mediterranean. Anemones are generally large flowers. There are approximately 120 varieties of anemones in the world with a wide variety of colors such as white, red, pink, purple or blue. They are said to bring good luck and protect people against negative energies.

You can also use different plants to decorate your wedding, such as cacti, paniculatas, wheat, eucalyptus, and olive trees. It is always good to add ties of sackcloth, boats, baskets, tents, wood, rocks and even recycling material to give an unforgettable rustic and country style.

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