The truth is that on our blog, the term wedding planner is a term used recurrently. Some people think that a wedding planner is a decorator, others that he is an organizer. However, today we will tell you exactly what he is in charge of, so you can see more easily why he is so important in a wedding.

This occupation arose for the first time in the 1950s in the United States, and was one of the first occupations that women could perform. When men decided to get married, everything had to be organized. They realized that they did not have enough time to do it, so they needed someone with the necessary skills to take care of organizing the wedding.

Nowadays, 75% of couples decide to contract these services in the United States. Why has it become so essential? We’ll tell you what a wedding planner is in charge of.

Initial interview

Usually, a wedding planner has an initial interview with the couple to meet them and know their preferences and tastes. It is important to create a bond with the couple and understand their individual styles to be able to integrate everything on the wedding day. A wedding planner is in charge of creating the magic of that day.


A wedding planner is responsible for planning and organizing that important day in the life of any couple. Due to his great experience in the area, he offers the bride and groom the possibility of creating a unique celebration according to their tastes.


He is also responsible for suggesting options to the couple for every aspect of the wedding. The wedding planner has the ability to see things that the couple can’t see. The fact of being someone from the outside allows him to make better decisions according to the profile of the couple.

Project development

He must create a project according to the couple’s budget. He must adjust very well to it and make the best possible with that money. The wedding planner presents the project and, once approved by the couple, the entire production process begins.


At this stage, the wedding planner must carry out all the necessary preparations for the big day. He must take care of all the details necessary to turn that day into magic, talk with the suppliers, help the bride, and much more.

The big day!

On the day of the wedding, the wedding planner must make sure that everything goes according to plan. He must coordinate everything, the religious ceremony, in case there is one, the catering for the guests, the drinks, the photos, the music, and all the aspects that will make the couple relax and experience their great day with love, peace of mind, and happiness.