What hairstyle a bride will wear is an important choice. On the day of a woman’s wedding, there are no irrelevant decisions. Absolutely everything is important and will convey something. Many women leave the hairstyle aside, prioritizing makeup or other things. The hairstyle describes your personality and, when choosing one, the idea is that you feel yourself and free to do what you want on your big day.

2019 is a year of great expectations and trends, brides are the darlings of the trends and that’s why we bring you a list of the most chic hairstyles for brides you can wear on your wedding day.

Loose hair

Loose hair is back! If that day you do not want any structure in your hair and you want to let your hair dance with the air, this is the trend for you. Don’t worry if it looks simple; the trend comes with small details. You can put delicate pearls, hooks with stones or small flowers in your hair.

This trend includes two large variations:


A perfect and impeccable, smooth, straight, no-frizz style is one of the big favorites.

Long waves

A long mane with slightly marked waves is a definite YES this season.


This year, pigtails have changed a bit. They will no longer be the classic rigid and tall pigtails. Now pigtails will have less structure and will be low, loose and without much pressure. It might seem a very simple style; however, it is designed to be minimalistic and to highlight the features of your face.


Bows are one of the big favorites this season, not only in dress trends, but also in hairstyle trends; with your hair up and a big bow on your head, you will look sophisticated.


Braids came back to never leave. The French braid is one of the most common looks. They will give you a youthful and carefree appearance so you can enjoy the best day of your life.