2019 is going to give a lot of talk about trends. According to the Pantone Color Institute, the color for next year will be a tone called Living Coral, a beautiful coral color with a pink undertone that will bring life to your decoration.

Taking into account what the trend color will be, we will tell you how to decorate your wedding and be in trend in 2019.

You should know that the decoration should include much of your essence, your tastes and your lifestyle, For this reason, it is very important that you can relate to it and make it yours. Among the trends for next year, you will find:


Natural and more natural

2019 will be all about simple and organic. Incorporate elements of nature into your decoration. Decorate your cake with natural flowers, use tree arrangements to create a cozy atmosphere, and use plants and flowers.

Garden Glam

Garden Glam will take over interiors. Recreating a large garden full of elegance, flowers, and your loved ones will make you feel in a movie. This 2019 trend is here to stay and to make your decoration a dream come true.


The idea of ​​this trend is to recreate a forest. It is true that this was a trend in 2018, but in 2019, it will be more in than ever. Use trees, trunks, branches and candles to give an incredible look to your special day.

Boho Folk

This trend is characterized by the use of strong colors and different textures. Indigo blue, details in Living Coral and mustard, ethnic prints, dreamcatchers, fabrics, and all this in a natural environment. Exotic flowers and vibrant colors for your wedding day. Isn’t it a dream?


The tropical wave takes over next year. Following the organic theme and using elements of nature to decorate, the tropical trend is here to stay. Pineapples, palm trees, an imposing green vegetation, a few bamboos, and you’re ready to go: the Caribbean is at your wedding!

Attention! Lights!

In 2019, lighting will be the center of your decoration. It doesn’t matter how you decorate if it isn’t so illuminated that everyone can appreciate it. Lighting enhances the space, improves it, and makes it more attractive.