The days of the classic weddings were left behind. Nowadays, and in the event that you desire a religious ceremony, it is not necessary to perform your wedding ceremony in a church. Many brides are excited by the idea of getting married in open spaces, feeling the breeze and the sunlight on their faces when they say “I Do”.

The contact with nature, trees, grass, sunlight, colors and smells are one of the aspects that most appeal to brides when deciding to have their outdoor wedding. However, if you made this decision, you must keep some things in mind.

The right season

This is something that the couple MUST keep in mind. If you will have an outdoor wedding you should control all possible aspects. If you dream of a cool and comfortable environment and rays of light shining through the trees, you should plan your wedding at the right season of the year. Spring and fall in Orlando are ideal to make your dream come true. Choose a month with lower odds of rain and get ready to rock!

Plan B, always a plan B!

Even when the couple is meticulous and careful in planning their wedding, there are things that they can’t control. Maybe the weather forecast is wrong and nothing can be done against nature. Don’t let a little water ruin the happiest day of your life and take action. Find a covered place or hire one large enough to comfortably accommodate you and your guests.


Your wedding photos will immortalize the day you chose love above all, so you should consider having a place with shade to make the perfect photos and not let the sun ruin them. Many couples find this unnecessary and don’t take the decoration or the photo spaces into account. Do not take your memories lightly.


If your wedding is in the afternoon and the celebration will be at night, you need to take the lighting into account. In this case, the lighting will count as a decorative element that will make your wedding look sophisticated and vintage. It is very important that you design where the lights will go in advance to make sure that everything is well lit.


Outdoor decoration is one of the things decorators enjoy the most; nature is the perfect canvas. Hire a decorator you trust, there is no room for mistakes on that day. The Eduardo Perrone team knows very well how important it is for you to identify with the decor.

The dance floor

This is a very important aspect. A good place for the dance floor must be chosen. There, you will have your first dance as a married couple, and your guests will have fun and hang out. Try not to make it too small or it will affect everyone who wants to dance.