It is a great privilege to be chosen as best man or matron of honor of a wedding. It means that the bride and groom trust and love those they choose. They choose them to be part of their lives as a married couple, to be present at all important moments, and to live many experiences together.

The choice of the “godparents”, or sponsors, in weddings is one of the most intimate choices that the couple should make, and choosing well can bring them much happiness in marriage.

That is why it is so important to analyze the options before making a decision. We will tell you the role of godparents in weddings, so you can make a better decision.

Company and support

Godparents must accompany and support the bride and groom at all times. Not just for the duration of the wedding preparations, or the ceremony. This is a task that they must carry out for the rest of their lives. Traditionally, the couple chooses one of their parents to be their godparents; however, it does not have to be that way. If it makes you happy to have one of your parents and one of your parents in law as godparents for your wedding, do it. If not, you can choose great friends.

Before the ceremony

Before the ceremony, the matron of honor usually accompanies and helps the bride with all the things she needs, such as choosing and organizing. The best man usually does the same with the groom, accompanies him and supports him in what he needs. They also usually organize the bachelor and bachelorette parties for the couple and make these parties unforgettable moments.

During the ceremony

Sponsors accompany and support the sacrament of marriage. The matron of honor will help the bride with the dress, support her, and be there for her. She will calm her down in the event that nerves torment her just as the best man will with the groom. Sometimes they are in charge of carrying the alliances and doing biblical readings in the religious ceremony.

After the ceremony

After the ceremony, and at the time of the banquet, the sponsors usually propose a toast and say a few words, describe moments they lived with the couple and, in addition, they attest to the deep love they feel for each other.

During life

The wedding sponsors usually accompany and support the married couple for as long as they are together. They should be in each step that they take as a couple, in the growth of the family, in the beautiful moments, and in the difficult ones, and they will help strengthen the bonds and the bases of that deep love.