Choosing the people that will be part of your wedding procession is quite important and complicated. Brides usually want to please everyone, so sometimes they feel guilty when choosing one person over another. Choosing people for the procession is not at all similar to making the guest list, since choosing the bridesmaids who will accompany you that day is a much more personal decision.

How Can You Have the Perfect Wedding Guest List?

We can tell you that the worst mistake when choosing the people that will be part of your wedding procession is trying to please everyone. It is your day; it is you who must be happy and pleased. Therefore, here are some tips to choose the right people. Calm Do not make this decision hastily. You must sit and meditate about it. A momentary fight with any of your friends or family is not reason enough to get someone out of the procession. You must think with a cool head, in a moment of calm.

Choose a number

Fortunately, there is no specific number of people who could make up the procession. However, you can’t have all your guests be part of the procession either. We recommend you to choose 8 people at most; exceeding that number could make the wedding dynamics a little heavier.

Friends and family It is important that you feel comfortable with your decision. You should feel at home with your bridesmaids, please yourself and only yourself. Remember that they will be part of the memories of your great day. Choose the women who have always supported and cared for you. Tradition According to tradition, bridesmaids should be contemporaries of the bride and groom, and preferably, they should be single. However, tradition is not reason enough to exclude someone who is not your contemporary. If it makes you happy, do it.


Bridesmaids may or may not be accompanied. If the groom and you decide that the bridesmaids should be accompanied, you must choose boys of their same condition. Usually, the bride and groom divide this task: the bride chooses her girls and the groom chooses her boys.

Children! Traditionally, page boys and child bridesmaids are also chosen. They are children that will accompany you in the ceremony; usually they are in charge of carrying the alliances. If you have children in the family, make them part of that day! Dress time! This is one of the most important and exciting moments for the bride. You will not only have to choose your dress but the dress of the bridesmaids. This dress should go well with the wedding dress and the decoration, so prepare your friends and family, and go shopping!