Organizing a wedding is complicated. Designing the menu even more! However, if your guests and you have certain restrictions, it becomes complicated mix of things.

If your diet or your family’s is vegan and you decide to offer a vegan menu at your wedding, read on.

There will always be very rich options to feed your guests. There are many choices and a variety of dishes that you can serve.

If you like Asian food, for instance, vegan sushi is an excellent choice as a main course. The dips will always be a great way to keep your guests entertained and will give them many options to enjoy. Here are more dishes and amuse-bouches to expand your choices.

As an entree, you can serve a delicious salad, or something citrus, maybe a bit of ginger. As a main course you can serve a gazpacho or you can resort to stuffed mushrooms. As a dessert, a fruit roll or bowl will always be well seen and enjoyed.

For the cake you do not have to worry; you can ask them to use rice flour, some chia and lots of fruits. If chocolate does not displease you, you can offer a delicious mix of strawberry and chocolate.

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