It’s no secret that the Florida weather varies a lot during the year. Some flowers can hang the test of time –and temperature, and those are the ones you should take into consideration.





This low-maintenance flower is perfect since it blooms all year round. The Florida landscape is filled with shades of pink, purple and even blue. There are many variants and they grow in different sizes. It’s a way to keep Florida close to your heart!






Blue Daze



Also known as Evolvulus, this flower offers a true-blue tone, perfect to add something different and romantic to your event








Did you know this is Florida’s official state flower? With its particular yellow color, it has the ability to make any scenery or landscape brighter and happier. You can find it in a variety of yellow tones: orange, brown, burnt colors. One of its secrets: it’s drought-tolerant and attracts butterflies.






Blue Salvia



This violet-purple or white flower does well in southeast USA, but in Florida, it’s present during spring, summer and fall. This is perfect if you want to add a touch of magic to your centerpiece or bouquet






One of the things these flowers have in common is that they can stand the Florida weather of high temperatures and seasons of drought. And even though they are simple, they can be used in bouquets, as complementary flowers, as part of centerpieces, or to add a little touch around the table.

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