Many couples are torn between celebrating their wedding with a party or not. The truth is that the costs of this type of celebration, often make any couple hesitate.

Although the belief is that it takes absurd amounts of money to organize and celebrate a wedding, this is not true in all cases. Of course, you can spend as much money as you want! But you can also save a lot if you know what you want, if you lower the costs, and if you hire a professional who does not waste your money.

To answer the question that you are probably asking yourself, we will tell you the reasons why we believe that the answer is absolutely yes! Is it worth investing in celebrating your big day?


  1. It only happens once in a lifetime

Even if you marry several times, you will never marry again for the first time. The illusion and expectations generated by this great day and being with your loved ones is unmatched. In addition, we will always believe that the best thing in life is to invest in experiences and memories that are transformed into stories.

  1. The complete experience

Throwing a party, or not, doesn’t lessen the love that the bride and groom have, let alone downplay the truly relevant act: the ceremony. However, having a celebration will allow you to live the full experience and enjoy that special day to the fullest.

  1. It’s not just for you

When a couple decides to celebrate their wedding, they are not only thinking about them, but also everyone who once had the illusion of seeing them go through that stage of life. To celebrate is to make common memories, and not only you will remember that important day, but all those who love you.

  1. Money is circumstantial

Although it is not about wasting it, but putting it in the hands of an expert like Eduardo Perrone who will always know how to take advantage of it and make magic with it, money is circumstantial, it comes and goes. More important than the amounts you have in the bank are those experiences it allows you to have.

  1. In the end it is about your great day

Imagine living that experience and looking around and seeing the people you love the most, all gathered in one place, all watching you grow and move forward, enjoying the love you feel for your partner; imagine all that joy! Gathering all your friends and family is something that only a party for you can achieve.