We have told you a million times how important it is to correctly plan your important day; however, we have not told you how to choose the right person to make that day shine.

Entrusting something so important to another person can be difficult, and if you trust the wrong person, it could be disastrous, so, we give you some tips to choose the best decorator for your wedding.

Currently, there are many people or companies that offer this service, but how can you know which option is the best?

Start the search

The best thing you can always do in this and every case is search, search and search. Finding the best option is not an easy task, so you should dig deep. Ask for opinions and references, it is important to know if the service provided by a certain person is reliable and excellent.

Prioritize your needs

If it is important for you to have a dream wedding and a decoration worthy of gods, then it is necessary that you consider your budget. You must think what is not so necessary and how to save enough money to focus on the decoration and the decorator; remember that good service will always be a good investment.


The budget is essential. This does not mean that you need a huge budget, but you do need someone who knows how to use the money you have set aside for your wedding day. You must consider the services offered by the decorator and find one in line with what you can afford.


Once you find the perfect decorator, it is important that you meet with him and check his availability, as well as the dates. You must tell him how you want everything and design the decoration together. Time is essential, because all services must be contracted in advance.



Customer care

You will know that he is the perfect decorator if he listens to you with attention and always takes into account what you want and how. That is a great sign. For the Eduardo Perrone team, it is the most important thing.

Make a calendar

Decorating such a special event is not something that should be taken lightly. Not only is it a creative work, but also methodical and strict; everything must go according to plan. You will know he is a good decorator not only because he will focus on quality but also on the dates.