If you are thinking of getting married in the happiest month of the year but you do not know if it is convenient, or what are the pros and cons of getting married in December, this post is for you.

December is a beautiful month. More and more brides are deciding to get married in winter and this is no coincidence. When the end of summer comes, the end of the wedding season comes and this brings a couple of benefits!


The wedding season is over and the best places are free for your big celebration, you can choose the place you want!

Christmas generosity

At this time of the year it is much more likely that your guests can give you a gift that comes from the heart so, take advantage of it!

Lower prices

In winter, prices go down. The wedding season is over and that means that prices will automatically go down, so you can save some money!


If you like pale tones, white and earthy colors, there is much that can be done in terms of decoration. You can make snow part of your decoration. Play with the elements that nature gives you to make an original wedding!


If the photographer knows how to take advantage of it, you will have beautiful scenes to photograph. Snow will be your best ally, and if you do not have snow, you will have plants and trees ready to be photographed.

The Dress

A dress with long sleeves makes brides look elegant, fashionable and in tune with the season. Find yours!

However, you should also consider some things that are not too positive if you want to have your wedding in December.


The cold will be your enemy. The weather will not play in your favor if your wedding venue is outdoors, take this into account. You do not want to spend your wedding day freezing.


You should know that it is likely to rain. If you plan to have your wedding in December, consider the forecast on your wedding day.

Christmas and New Year

Keep in mind that the weeks of Christmas and New Year are quite busy. If you are going to get married in December, try to do it on the first days.