What wedding dress would be complete without a good bouquet to accompany it? Flowers bring color and life to any place, and they have different kinds of meaning for us. They will be the stars of all videos and photographs that capture all the memorable and beautiful moments on the most important day of your life. This is why you must know how to choose them in order to fit your style and harmonize the place.


Christmas represents the brightest season of the year; therefore, it is important to choose the perfect flowers that will play along with the decoration. It will be a good option to work with seasonal flowers; they will not only give a style in line with the season, but they will also be cheaper and stay fresh for longer. Moreover, December is a great time to take risks and you will have the opportunity to innovate. Here are five wedding flower ideas and five different props that go with the decoration to help you get inspired.


  1. Tulips


Originally from Persia and Turkey, tulips are the true love flowers; each color symbolizes different types of love. If you want to convey your feelings through your flower bouquet, here’s the meaning of their different colors:


  • White Tulips: purity, innocence and humility; the color commonly chosen by brides.
  • Orange Tulips: fascination, warmth and happiness.
  • Red Tulips: true love and passion.
  • Pink Tulips: happiness, security and care.






  1. Orchids


Orchids are one of the most appreciated flowers in gardening; recognized by their delicate, beautiful and exotic character. They are the symbol of beauty, passion, irresistible love, and unconditional surrender of the heart. They also represent luxury, elegance, exclusivity, and they are said to have protective and aphrodisiac properties. Orchids have been the inspiration for the most romantic and beautiful fairies, nymphs and legendary goddesses.



  1. Anemones


A member of a large family with over 120 species, anemones are tuberous plants with a variety of shapes and colors. This flower comes from Japan, and it is known to attract good luck and protect people against negative energies. Anemones have different colors to choose according to your style, and they symbolize adventurous, dangerous, intense and unpredictable love




  1. Ranunculus & Peonies


Ranunculus flowers are not commonly known and are often confused with peonies for their impressive, colorful beauty. Although they are smaller than peonies, they share with them the beauty and abundance of their curly petals, imbuing them with a delicate and exuberant aspect. If you want a flower that conveys sweetness and romanticism, either ranunculus or peonies will work perfectly, because both share beautiful corollas and silky, abundant curly petals, as well as a wide variety for all preferences and emotions.


On the other hand, peonies are known for their large and showy flowers. This abundance, chaotic and delicate at the same time, is what attracts most of the attention to their petals. They also have a delicate fragrance: simply perfect! It doesn’t matter if your wedding has a vintage, rustic, fancy or classic style. If you want to create a romantic and sweet atmosphere, either ranunculus or peonies are your best choice.



  1. Cotton Flower


These peculiar flowers look like snowballs, giving a soft aspect and creating precious wedding bouquets. They can be combined with thick branches and wild or dried flowers, and add a welcoming, unique and original touch to your wedding




Once you’ve chosen the flowers, now it’s time to choose some objects, accessories or props that you must have on your Christmas-themed wedding. Here are some ideas:


  1. Christmas Lights Everywhere



  1. Christmas Tree




  1. Christmas Candles



  1. Santa Claus Hats


  1. Pinecone Decorations