Lighting plays a big role in the wedding decoration. Thanks to the right illumination, it’s possible to experience event concepts with intensity and realism. Indeed, light can transform places by highlighting or attenuating decorative elements. Are you ready to create stunning wedding scenarios with lighting arrangements?

How does the illumination set special atmospheres in events?

  • It brings the overall composition together: there is no event if you don’t have professional lighting in the ballroom. By using the right lighting intensity, guests capture the overall concept of your wedding design faster, and their sight won’t be forced to perceived focal points. Definitely, the general lighting has an important influence on the guests’ opinion about your event.


  • Spotlighting: if you want to create dramatic effects on certain decorative elements or furniture, just use set spotlights onto or behind them. Besides, the lighting can be used to embellish backdrops and tiny details in tables with bulb series. Only lighting has the power of highlighting and attenuating things to assign a hierarchy in your event decoration.


  • Setting the mood: the light has a deep influence on psychological perception, that’s why the right illumination can easily enhance the atmosphere of your event. There’s a lighting arrangement for every wedding concept; if you want to provide intimacy, and then use soft illumination such as chandeliers, colored lights, candelabras and lanterns.

We recommend you to use candles to complement focal points and add a touch of romanticism throughout the room. You can include tenuous lighting with decorative lights and tea light candles in centerpieces, pathways, the cake station, the ballroom, and so on.

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