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Summer Wedding: Ideas, planning and flowers

It’s more than just the most popular season of the year. It’s a wedding trend. Sunshine, nice weather, refreshing breezes, and wonderful event planning make that day, the perfect day.


If you’re dreaming of a summer wedding and you don’t know how to start, here are some tips to do it, and the best flowers to use in this season:


  1. The bride’s dress and makeup:


If you’re a summer bride, don’t panic! Your wedding dress has to be beautiful, but fresh. You need to be comfortable. Choose a dress that highlights your figure and allows you to enjoy yourself. Your makeup has to look natural and fresh; delicate and elegant.


  1. Location:


Look for a place that makes you feel in a fairytale. Look for a happy place that represents you and your love.


  1. Decoration:


Decoration is the face of your wedding. It’s a very important step. You are the soul of your event, but decoration is the body. Talk to your wedding planner; make sure to be clear and to express everything you want.


Flowers are the greatest part. The best summer flowers are sunflowers, Peonies, Garden Roses, Lavender, Freesias, Orchid, Roses, and Dahlias.


Identify which are your favorite flowers, and if you already know them and want to make us part of your magical day, tell us what they are and we will make it happen. No matter the season, tell us in advance and you will have them.



  1. Your loved ones:


You need to share love and happiness with the people who love to see you smile. Make sure to have them there and take amazing photos.


Golden day: Details to make your wedding shine

There was a time when having details in rose gold meant you were in. But, you know what the best is? Rose gold is in again!

For many brides, gold is a daring color; it means prosperity in some cultures. It’s a symbol of status and wealth, while for others is the perfect complementary color for romance and style.

Spring flew by, but that doesn’t mean that gold isn’t a summer or even a fall color. With its warm tones, it’s a color to go with white details, like table linens or –in our favorite case– flowers.

What type of wedding do you want to have?

Like we’ve said before, one of the most important things to have under your pocket when you start to plan your wedding is the theme. Is it rustic or elegant? Is it a daytime or nighttime wedding? Once you have that part figured out, then you can start to plan the rest.

Keep in mind that gold is a color that brings out small details. Like, for instance, gold cutlery looks great against white surfaces.



Or maybe if you’re looking for a different tone of gold, like rose gold, which is perfect for invitations or as a complement for bouquets:


If you were to pick a way to use rose gold or gold, how would you use it?


Tell Us What Wedding You Want And We’ll Tell You Which Flower You’re Looking For

Your wedding isn’t a regular day. For every single bride, it has to be the best day of her life, which can’t be topped easily. Some brides like to start by doing mood boards to choose their color palette; others like to start with the venue. But for us at Eduardo Perrone, starting with the floral arrangements is essential.

A flower tells a lot about your personality. For instance, have you stopped once to think what your favorite flower is and what your favorite scent is? There are studies that show that smell is strongly linked to memories. Why not creating unforgettable memories with flowers? Today, we’ll tell you which flowers you should pick according to the wedding you’re looking for!

What wedding do you want?

Here’s where planning comes in handy! Are you looking for a romantic and classic wedding? A beach wedding is exactly what you’ve dreamed of? A tip that could help you is writing down adjectives that could define your wedding in the future. Once you have this, you can start looking for flowers that reflect those aspects.

  • Vintage: we’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: vintage never goes out of style. You can add classic white roses, English roses, or pale pink flowers with antiqued wood and white details. Sea lavenders, false goat’s beard and eucalyptus are excellent companions for this warm, yet chic concept.

  • Classic: some people associate “classic” with boring, and that’s not the case. Classic makes you think of romance, details and minimalism. Here, you can play with white roses and white lilies around a white and pastels palette.

  • Rustic: if there’s something that makes this season incredibly special is its weather. Fresh, bright, and most importantly: sunny! Flowers, such as baby breath, lavender, masterworts, and others add the perfect balance of greenery and nature necessary for these events.

  • Beach wedding: the main attribute of a beach wedding is their spontaneity and simplicity. That’s why when you’re planning, take into account oceanic views as a backdrop combined with flowers that can withstand high temperatures: sunflowers, lilies, lavenders, hydrangeas, magnolias, etc.

You don’t have to have everything figured out now, but picturing the wedding of your dreams and the flowers that come with it is the first step. Eduardo Perrone can help you take small baby steps to organize the flower arrangement you’re looking for. Make this Blooming Occasions part of your life today!


Find Your Ideal Wedding Bouquet

There’s a reason why bouquets are becoming the center of a wedding. While for some brides a bouquet is a stressful experience and added expenses, the memories and details that they provide are worth it. Find your perfect bouquet with us today:

  • Classic bouquet: This bouquet is known for being small, on the rounder side and easy to hold. It can be composed of roses, peonies, carnations, or your favorite flower.
  • Cascading bouquet: If you are looking for elegance, this bouquet is what you’re looking for. They’re big bouquets with green foliage and glamorous flower, like orchids.
  • Long stems bouquets: The best flowers for these types of bouquets are tulips and roses. It’s perfect for tall brides since they add elegance through contrast and they’re very convenient with their easy way to hold.
  • Medley bouquet: For the most eclectic brides, your bouquet can represent the rest of the floral arrangements. You can mix all the flowers you’ve chosen, it doesn’t matter the type. You can dare to be different.
  • Eco bouquet: The idea of this bouquet is to combine the flowers that are in season with a wildflower look. It’s perfect for those brides who wish to have a vintage-looking bouquet.

Whether you’re looking for a simpler bouquet or a more elaborate one, what we always like to recommend is for a bouquet to reflect the authenticity and feel of the bride. We can help you with our team of professionals. Contact us to make your events unforgettable memories.


The Boutonnière: Unique Accessory and Essential for the Groom

The secret of a magical wedding is the attention to detail. This is why we want to tell you the importance of choosing the best boutonnière.

A boutonnière is a floral decoration, typically a single flower or bud, worn on the lapel of a tuxedo or suit jacket. It indicates who the most important guests of the wedding are. This is the reason why the groom and the bride’s father wear it, but sometimes, the minister wears it too, but in that case it’s a different boutonniere.

This accessory gives you the chance to accent your attire with the color-themes of your date or the event you’re attending to, whether it’s a wedding, prom, or just a special occasion for which formal wear is standard.  At weddings, this accessory is as important for the groom as the bouquet is for the bride.

The boutonnière is chosen taking into account several aspects like the style of the wedding: rustic, classic, romantic, vintage, etc, or the personality of the groom, or even the design of the suit. Normally, they are made with flowers, although there are many different styles, the tradition indicates that the white color should be preferred, but nowadays it’s appropriate to resort to the same tone of the tie, but it’s very important combine him with the bride’s bouquet.


What is the perfect flower?

All flowers are allowed, but depending on the situation, it’s recommended to use certain kinds of flowers. Luckily, there’s no shortage of ideas for the groom’s boutonnière that look great, coordinate with your bridal blooms, and feel masculine.

A way to use an exotic flower while still keeping the theme

The most important thing in that case is defining the style.  More and more couples are swapping out the traditional floral boutonnière. Instead, they use something more understated. For a classic look, the gardenias are perfect, or also, white orchids. For a daring style, you can use flowers of striking colors like orange or red; in that case tulips and sunflowers are ideal.

If you are looking something more original, you can add organic elements like little eucalyptus’ branches, rosemary’s branches, or lavender’s branches. This also adds a special smell to the arrangement.  And remember, whatever your choice is, the most important thing is to live every moment of this wonderful process and enjoy these little details.


Color Trends For 2018: The Rise of Monochromatic Palettes

The color palette is an indispensable resource in event decoration. It brings concepts and themes to life by setting nuances, contrast, and depth. A well-defined color palette has the power to influence the guests’ moods and reactions throughout the event. That’s why you should be careful when it comes to choosing the main colors.

At this moment, you might be wondering: what’s the best color selection for my event? This depends on the occasion and the theme you have chosen. Luckily, 2018 color trends can be adapted to all possible scenarios, because of this year, purple and violet tones presented in monochromatic palettes reign. All you have to do is play with the nuances.


Look for mysterious and sensual palettes

Purple is a versatile color; you can use it for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and so on. Its tones can provide mystery, elegance, and fantasy to the environment. Besides, purple and violet nuances have a deep influence on the psyche, causing relaxation and charm. It’s like a rare perfume that sticks to everyone.

This color is also associated with nobility, luxury, and spirituality. Cream tones convey softness and romance, while darker tones are related to pride and knowledge.  We recommend to mix cream and dark nuances in the same palette; this will give a touch of balance and avoid arrogance.

And if you need some inspiration, you could start with 18-3838 UltraViolet, the mythical Pantone creation for this 2018, tagged as a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade. A color designed for stunning decorations that tell underlying stories.

At Eduardo Perrone, we use monochromatic purple palettes to highlight special details in a white background. We call this concept Purple Contemporary, when subtlety coexists with royalty, making you feel like you’re part of the Royal family.

Tell us your story, and let us create an unforgettable event for you. Contact us.


How to Decorate the Sweet Stations for Your Wedding?

At Eduardo Perrone, we know that love is sweet. That’s why Sweet Stations are as important for your wedding as the centerpieces. The Sweet buffets enhance the theme of your event and add an original touch to the color palette. Besides, it’s a perfect way to offer a sensorial experience related to the wedding subject.

Before choosing the decoration for your Sweet Stations, make sure that you have already picked the theme, the color palette, the salon and the floral selection.


Main tips for designing Sweet Stations


  • Candy Bar: this station is usually located next to the Open Bar with a combined background. The Candy Bar only includes types of sweets such as gummy candies, lollipops, chocolate balls, rock candies, taffies and marshmallows.

In this case, your candy selection should be related to the color palette of the wedding (with tone variations to make an engaging contrast). Consider that candies are the main course in this buffet; hence you should use clear containers of different types, and also pedestals. By using these complements, you emphasize shapes and color patterns.

We recommend you to arrange combined napkins, scoops and tongs. Only use the tablecloth as a neutral background for the main decoration of the Candy Bar.

  • Sweet Table: set this station in a spacious table near your wedding cake or next to the Open Bar. A Sweet Table offers pastry and confectionery like mini tarts, cupcakes and ladyfingers.

The color tones of these desserts could be darker than the original color palette; by doing this, you provide a pleasant contrast to your wedding decoration concept.

Besides, complement the Sweet Table setting with a silky fabric or a soft linen tablecloth, depending on the food texture (crunchy and crumbly> silky fabric, creamy and mushy> soft linen). The tableware must look elegant and fine, so only use metallic materials or porcelain. We recommend you to personalize your design with letters, ribbons or garlands.

If you want to intensify the sensorial experience, include interactive concepts like “Choose your favorite toppings” and “Build your S’mores”. By doing this, your guest take on an –even more– active part on your wedding day!

  • Cake Table: your wedding cake is the focal point of your decoration. All the details must be added to highlight its importance. You could use pedestals, LEDs and backdrops. In this case, the floral arrangements have an important role, because they capture your guests’ attention and connect the table station to the wedding concept.

If you need help with your wedding decoration, here is the Eduardo Perrone team to turn your ideas into an unforgettable event. Contact us.


Choose the Perfect Bouquet for Your Wedding

Your wedding bouquet is an accessory that represents the most wonderful moment of your life. Besides having a dress that it’s ready to make some heads turn down the aisle, a wedding bouquet is a statement of style, sensitivity, and details. Today, at Eduardo Perrone we’ll tell you how you can choose the perfect bouquet for your wedding.


There are 3 main important aspects to take into consideration when picking a bouquet that adapts to what you’re looking for:


  1. The style and color of your wedding dress: A wedding bouquet should complement your dress. Once you have your dress, you can start picking the ideal bouquet. If you’ve chosen one that is on the classic side, a bouquet with a cascade fall could be perfect. On the other hand, if your dress is simpler, you can be more daring and have a more elaborate bouquet.
  2. Your skin and hair color: For blonde or light-skinned brides, a bouquet of white, pastels and cream tones favors them. For a brunette or dark-skinned bride, a colorful bouquet of reds, yellows, oranges is even more striking.
  3. Your silhouette: There should be a balance between your type of body and the bouquet you want. If you’re a tall bride-to-be, a long or cascading bouquet can flatter you perfectly. If you’re on the shorter side, a rounded bouquet can look dainty.


Once you’ve researched and cleared some of these details, you’re ready to have the bouquet of your dream wedding. Eduardo Perrone is here to guide you through the process of your wedding, taking every single detail into thought, from your personality to your ideas. We take every single aspect to turn this event into unforgettable memories.


Flowers for your Beach Wedding

Having a beach wedding is a wonderful and memorable experience. But, like any other event, it’s necessary to look at each detail to make it perfect. Flowers always add color and life, and when it comes to a beach wedding, they’re no exception. You only need to pick the ones that adapt to the weather.

The flowers to pick for your beach wedding should resist warm temperatures and moisture. That’s why, at Eduardo Perrone, we recommend you to choose flowers from tropical backgrounds, since they look colorful and they convey the sensation of freshness and easy-going vibe your guests can appreciate.

We’re going to give you 3 suggestions according to the personalities of each bride:

  • Classic and sweet: Rose aren’t just a symbol of eternal love, but they can also resist beach weather. You can find them in different colors, so you can decorate your wedding like you’ve always dreamed of.

White and Pink Roses in a Wedding


  • Elegant and natural: Orchids transmit beauty, tenderness, and romance. Their vibrant colors give a unique vibe that can captivate your guests, and most importantly: they will keep their freshness for hours.

The wedding of Sofia was filled with many types of flowers, including Orchids


  • Exotic and daring: A breathtaking flower, like a bird-of-paradise, can reminisce the flight of a bird with its orange feathers and blue tones. It’s perfect to give a unique touch to the decoration thanks to its shapes, colors, and longevity.


A Bird of Paradise in its natural environment. Would you have it in a bouquet?


Flowers speak about you. That’s why choosing the right ones is an art. At Eduardo Perrone, we can help you master this art with our advice and ideas. Contact us today!