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Lighting: The Art Of Creating Unique Wedding Scenarios

Lighting plays a big role in the wedding decoration. Thanks to the right illumination, it’s possible to experience event concepts with intensity and realism. Indeed, light can transform places by highlighting or attenuating decorative elements. Are you ready to create stunning wedding scenarios with lighting arrangements?

How does the illumination set special atmospheres in events?

  • It brings the overall composition together: there is no event if you don’t have professional lighting in the ballroom. By using the right lighting intensity, guests capture the overall concept of your wedding design faster, and their sight won’t be forced to perceived focal points. Definitely, the general lighting has an important influence on the guests’ opinion about your event.


  • Spotlighting: if you want to create dramatic effects on certain decorative elements or furniture, just use set spotlights onto or behind them. Besides, the lighting can be used to embellish backdrops and tiny details in tables with bulb series. Only lighting has the power of highlighting and attenuating things to assign a hierarchy in your event decoration.


  • Setting the mood: the light has a deep influence on psychological perception, that’s why the right illumination can easily enhance the atmosphere of your event. There’s a lighting arrangement for every wedding concept; if you want to provide intimacy, and then use soft illumination such as chandeliers, colored lights, candelabras and lanterns.

We recommend you to use candles to complement focal points and add a touch of romanticism throughout the room. You can include tenuous lighting with decorative lights and tea light candles in centerpieces, pathways, the cake station, the ballroom, and so on.

At Eduardo Perrone, we are experts in the art of creating unforgettable moments. Let us design the wedding of your dreams. Contact us.


Table decoration tips for your Father’s Day celebration

Even though Father’s Day could be overlooked by many people nowadays, this is a perfect moment to honor the father’s role in parenting and caregiving. By organizing a Father’s Day celebration we can give back all the affection and commitment they give without expecting anything in return.

Surprising a father with a thematic dinner is a pleasant way to celebrate his special day. In this case, the table setting is the key to your decoration, because it gives your dinner concept a personal touch.

Consider the things he likes to do, his personal preferences, his favorite topics and hobbies. Making a list of these things will help you choose the final design and other details such as dishes or beverages.

As an extra help, in Eduardo Perrone, we present 3 ideas for your table decoration on this special day.

The best table settings for a Father’s Day celebration

  • Centerpieces are always a good option: they are the focal point of the table. At the same time, they assemble all the elements of your theme and provide balance in the decoration. For a Father’s Day dinner, the recommended centerpieces are those with earth tone colors, stronger shapes, green plants and white flowers.
  • Plants with a masculine touch you should know: rose of Jericho, cactus, succulents, gladioli, anthurium, beaucarnea recurvata and ardisia crenata. Also, you could add pinecones, acorns, branches and barks.
  • Table accessories: dad is the guest of honor in his Father’s Day celebration, so make sure that all the decoration perfectly suits his personality and tastes. At this point, you can add several accessories to your design that resemble his tastes and likings. For example, toy cars, family photos, or golf balls.
  • Napkins and tablecloth: these provide a masculine touch to your decoration. Again, use rustic aesthetics with earth tones, and try to mix them with dad’s favorite colors. Use neutral designs for the tablecloth so as to emphasize the centerpieces and accessories. Don’t forget that the tablecloth works as a background or canvas.
  • Fabric colors that work for a Father’s Day celebration: gray, cream with gray, and ivory with dark green and textured warm neutral colors. We recommend you to choose soft linen.

Feel free to use your imagination for creating thematic shapes with napkins such as ties, bow ties, pockets, shirts and so on.

Now you are ready to say Happy Father’s Day with Eduardo Perrone!


Theme Parties: The Art Of Creating Events From Stories

Thematic celebrations date back to the 15th century, when masquerades and allegorical meetings were a common form of recreation in Royal Courts. These celebrations were so rooted in the cultural expressions of the old continent, that they were the main core of social life in those days. Undoubtedly, the mystery and charm of “living the story” were as attractive then as they are now.

At Eduardo Perrone, we believe that theme parties are a perfect way to celebrate special moments with a touch of personality. You can design a theme party for birthdays, graduations, baby showers, Christmas, Mother’s Day and even weddings. You just need the right contextual decoration.

In this case, conceptualization is essential to sketch all the details and focal points of any theme party. You can use complex and precise stories, such as a “red carpet masquerade”, or general topics like “Halloween night”; the final result depends on your creativity.

3 points to consider when decorating your theme party

  • The table setting takes the center stage: all your party concepts must be present in the table decoration. The tables are the most relevant meeting points where guests socialize during most part of the event.

You can offer a complete experience by bringing together personalized centerpieces, an accurate color palette, tablecloths, and one or two thematic complements. Make sure that your design doesn’t look messy or saturated.

  • Floral arrangements are more than complements: blossoms give life to the color palette and enforce the party concept with a subtle touch of elegance and context.

It’s well known that flowers can convey meanings with their fragrance and appearance, so use floral arrangements to highlight the focal points of your decoration and capture the tone of your thematic. (e.g., romantic, rustic, or high-end).

  • The importance of backdrops: backdrops or scenarios are essential at any theme party. By offering a hyper-personalized place, your guests will have a deeper experience with vivid pictures and a solid plot story. We recommend you to only set one backdrop/scenario for the salon.

   The architectonic layouts must match the theme, because these elements work as main backgrounds.

At Eduardo Perrone, we create stunning decorations from any concept. Tell us your story.


Find Your Ideal Wedding Bouquet

There’s a reason why bouquets are becoming the center of a wedding. While for some brides a bouquet is a stressful experience and added expenses, the memories and details that they provide are worth it. Find your perfect bouquet with us today:

  • Classic bouquet: This bouquet is known for being small, on the rounder side and easy to hold. It can be composed of roses, peonies, carnations, or your favorite flower.
  • Cascading bouquet: If you are looking for elegance, this bouquet is what you’re looking for. They’re big bouquets with green foliage and glamorous flower, like orchids.
  • Long stems bouquets: The best flowers for these types of bouquets are tulips and roses. It’s perfect for tall brides since they add elegance through contrast and they’re very convenient with their easy way to hold.
  • Medley bouquet: For the most eclectic brides, your bouquet can represent the rest of the floral arrangements. You can mix all the flowers you’ve chosen, it doesn’t matter the type. You can dare to be different.
  • Eco bouquet: The idea of this bouquet is to combine the flowers that are in season with a wildflower look. It’s perfect for those brides who wish to have a vintage-looking bouquet.

Whether you’re looking for a simpler bouquet or a more elaborate one, what we always like to recommend is for a bouquet to reflect the authenticity and feel of the bride. We can help you with our team of professionals. Contact us to make your events unforgettable memories.


How Can You Have the Perfect Wedding Guest List?

For some couples, organizing a guest list can be a stressful task; whether you’re organizing an intimate wedding or a big event, having the perfect list isn’t something you can do overnight. There are couples who sit together with an Excel spreadsheet and start to type names, while others prefer to write with pen and paper.

Start writing your guest list

Creating a guest list was a tradition where both families gathered and started to imagine who wanted to share the best day of their lives. Once you have the venue and an idea for the theme, the next step is choosing the guests. For most, it’s complicated and traumatic, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Find out today, with the help of Eduardo Perrone, how you can create the ideal guest list!

Who should I invite?

  • Immediate family: here, we’re talking about parents, grandparents, siblings, their partners, etc.
  • Distant family members: for most people, extended family members are a sensitive issue, but if you have that family that you like to keep in touch with, go for it!
  • Friends: start with your closest friends, then friends in your immediate circle, friends from college or school.
  • Colleagues: you might want to invite work friends, depending on how long you’ve worked in the company or how close you are with them.
  • Children: discuss whether you’ll be inviting them to your wedding day or not, since this might change some dynamics, like adding a children’s table, for example.
  • Plus one: everyone has them and they’ll bulk the guest list.

After you have all your names chosen, you can pick your preferred organization method: post-its –in case you need to place them onto something, an Excel spreadsheet, or a classic list setting.

Once you have this figured out, another detail is making the invitations. At this stage of organization, the theme is already settled; the invitation should reflect small details of the event: color palette, flowers, the bride and groom’s personalities, etc.

Keep the theme

Let’s say you picked a beautiful floral theme. That’s something that you should take as much advantage of as you can. Memories of flowers should last more; printing the type of flowers you use adds a delicate, feminine and sensible touch. Some of these ideas can work for you.

  Source: ModWedding

Now, what if you’re looking for something soberer? Instead of using floral print, you can use the color palette. This adds up to a minimalistic theme.

Source: ModWedding

Metallic invitations are classic, elegant, and the best: they never go out of style. Golden calligraphy, foil-pressed flowers, parchment paper; they’re perfect to write down the most important names on your lives.

Source: ModWedding

At the end of the day, all we want is to make memories with you. We can start from here!


Choose the Perfect Bouquet for Your Wedding

Your wedding bouquet is an accessory that represents the most wonderful moment of your life. Besides having a dress that it’s ready to make some heads turn down the aisle, a wedding bouquet is a statement of style, sensitivity, and details. Today, at Eduardo Perrone we’ll tell you how you can choose the perfect bouquet for your wedding.


There are 3 main important aspects to take into consideration when picking a bouquet that adapts to what you’re looking for:


  1. The style and color of your wedding dress: A wedding bouquet should complement your dress. Once you have your dress, you can start picking the ideal bouquet. If you’ve chosen one that is on the classic side, a bouquet with a cascade fall could be perfect. On the other hand, if your dress is simpler, you can be more daring and have a more elaborate bouquet.
  2. Your skin and hair color: For blonde or light-skinned brides, a bouquet of white, pastels and cream tones favors them. For a brunette or dark-skinned bride, a colorful bouquet of reds, yellows, oranges is even more striking.
  3. Your silhouette: There should be a balance between your type of body and the bouquet you want. If you’re a tall bride-to-be, a long or cascading bouquet can flatter you perfectly. If you’re on the shorter side, a rounded bouquet can look dainty.


Once you’ve researched and cleared some of these details, you’re ready to have the bouquet of your dream wedding. Eduardo Perrone is here to guide you through the process of your wedding, taking every single detail into thought, from your personality to your ideas. We take every single aspect to turn this event into unforgettable memories.


How to Design A Vintage Wedding?

Vintage aesthetics have been in vogue in recent years, showing that old-fashioned layouts always revalue. At Eduardo Perrone, we use vintage decoration especially for weddings, mostly because the early 90s style adds a touch of sweet, pure and delicate sense of romance.

Vintage designs suit perfectly in outdoor celebrations, just like 20s wedding trends, when ceremonies took place in backyards, forests or hills. There’s a patron you can start to follow: the best seasons for these weddings are spring and fall.

Before deciding your vintage wedding decoration, you must know all the details and strategic corners of the set. Firstly, sketch the location of your sweet tables, buffet or bar, and start your decoration concept around it.


A vintage wedding has…


  • Chandeliers: they have always been symbols of elegance and royalty, their sweet lighting provides intimacy and mystery on every occasion. You must have at least one ornamental chandelier in the salon on your wedding day. Besides, the soft lighting is a classic feature of old times.

Pink and cream colors: they relate to vintage romanticism and a classic ideal of femininity. Since those days, the wedding design is a tribute of love and specially highlights the importance of the bride. But, if you are not into pink, you can personalize your decoration by adding another color to your palette and mix it with cream tones. Soft nuances are at the heart of vintage aesthetics.

  • Roses: “The rose is without an explanation; she blooms, because she blooms. Angelus Silesius.” This quote sums up the perception that people had about roses in the early 90s. These flowers were the vivid ideal of beauty, pureness and love… Nobody needed to explain it, just feel it. That’s why we recommend to add floral arrangements with different kinds of roses, it will provide a touch of bucolic romance.

  • Old-fashioned complements: choose three or four old-fashioned items as focal points in special areas such, as the entrance or the sweet stations, this will highlight your vintage wedding concept.

  • Contrasts: in the old times, rustic and elegant features lived together in harmony. You can combine wooden floors with silky fabrics, minimalistic crockery with opulent glassware.


We’d be delighted to design the wedding of your dreams. Contact us.


Why is Decoration Important in Your Corporate Event?

Corporate events are a fantastic way to show off your company brand while establishing your event brand. This is your chance to give your customers an idea what your company is about, through an amazing event for them.

These events can be an excellent opportunity to show the identity that you want to exhibit to all the guests. For that reason, it’s very important that you know all the agency’s elements and contact an expert to help you.

There are so many things you should consider when you are planning this kind of event; brand personality is one of them. You need to know everything about it; representative colors, types of guests, even the language of the company.  The idea is to think of a representative concept for all these elements.

In a corporate event, sometimes, less is more. You can use flower arrangements, centerpieces, and even a big cake, but a corporate event isn’t a birthday or a wedding. The decoration needs to have personality, but finding the balance is the secret.

You can use some pink roses if it’s a casual and fresh event, or blue if you are planning something more sober.

Another important thing is the guests. You want to show the personality of your business, for that reason, when you are planning a corporate event, you need to think about the guests all the time; the order of the tables, the food, and also the style of music.

Organizing an event can be complicated, but thinking outside of the box for your events will not only be fun for you to execute, but fun for your attendees to experience.

If you are looking for an expert for your event, contact us at