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Reasons to celebrate your wedding (have a party)

Many couples are torn between celebrating their wedding with a party or not. The truth is that the costs of this type of celebration, often make any couple hesitate.

Although the belief is that it takes absurd amounts of money to organize and celebrate a wedding, this is not true in all cases. Of course, you can spend as much money as you want! But you can also save a lot if you know what you want, if you lower the costs, and if you hire a professional who does not waste your money.

To answer the question that you are probably asking yourself, we will tell you the reasons why we believe that the answer is absolutely yes! Is it worth investing in celebrating your big day?


  1. It only happens once in a lifetime

Even if you marry several times, you will never marry again for the first time. The illusion and expectations generated by this great day and being with your loved ones is unmatched. In addition, we will always believe that the best thing in life is to invest in experiences and memories that are transformed into stories.

  1. The complete experience

Throwing a party, or not, doesn’t lessen the love that the bride and groom have, let alone downplay the truly relevant act: the ceremony. However, having a celebration will allow you to live the full experience and enjoy that special day to the fullest.

  1. It’s not just for you

When a couple decides to celebrate their wedding, they are not only thinking about them, but also everyone who once had the illusion of seeing them go through that stage of life. To celebrate is to make common memories, and not only you will remember that important day, but all those who love you.

  1. Money is circumstantial

Although it is not about wasting it, but putting it in the hands of an expert like Eduardo Perrone who will always know how to take advantage of it and make magic with it, money is circumstantial, it comes and goes. More important than the amounts you have in the bank are those experiences it allows you to have.

  1. In the end it is about your great day

Imagine living that experience and looking around and seeing the people you love the most, all gathered in one place, all watching you grow and move forward, enjoying the love you feel for your partner; imagine all that joy! Gathering all your friends and family is something that only a party for you can achieve.


Decoration with hanging ornaments

Decorating weddings with hanging ornaments is a wedding trend that has been growing little by little. The creation of magical and surreal spaces calls for this style of decoration. Glass spheres, flowers, and bottles are some of the elements that are used to create this style that brides love.

A wedding decoration must follow a very clear line; it has to be an extension of the bride and groom’s personalities. If you want to create an environment like this and you want the decoration of your wedding to be magical, discover everything you can do with this trend!

Glass containers shaped like drops

These containers are one of the easiest to decorate. This trend, in general, helps to solve gaps in the decoration, generated by the lack of budget, and also adds a beautiful touch. You can use spheres that typically have some flower or cactus inside, to balance the decoration. Use ferns to complement.


Bottles are one of the most popular hanging elements. Inside them you can place flowers, and the effect they achieve is simply beautiful. You can place them in the space where the photo sessions will be. Remember to use the same type of flowers that you will use in the rest of the decoration. You always have to take care of the harmony.

Open spheres

Open glass spheres are perfect for night weddings. Inside them you can place candles, which will help transform the environment into a space full of romance. If your wedding is in the day, you can use this type of spheres with flowers to add an innocent and sweet touch to your decor.

Light bulbs

Bulbs are another big favorite. If your wedding is at night, in an open space, maybe this is your type of hanging decoration. In addition to providing lighting, they bring a lot of style. They are cheap and can be used almost anywhere.

Paper spheres

These types of spheres are very used in weddings because they are elegant and simple. If your wedding is in a closed space, they are perfect to add a unique touch to your big day. They are inexpensive and can be used anywhere.

Paper lamps

The effect that these elements create is gorgeous; delicate, subtle, and full of romance. If you want to get married on the beach, this is an excellent idea. Use paper lamps and fill your decoration with magic. To avoid accidents, use battery-powered lights.



Boho style or boho-chic style will always be trending in the fashion world. Relaxed, romantic, flowery, original, comfortable, rebel, free and vintage are words that describe this style. Over the last year, it has been popularized in weddings because brides and grooms wish to create a sense of low-cost with a retro style for weddings; this means a simple wedding with a personalized and welcoming room for guests.


Every boho atmosphere needs wild flowers, wooden baskets, vintage accessories and many natural colors. Wild flowers are those that grow naturally or in the wild without direct or intentional human intervention. They can be whether common or exotic, and achieve a romantic and cozy atmosphere. This is why we will help you combine different kind of wild flowers and all the benefits they have for you in terms of beauty and accessibility.


These are quite aromatic flowers. On the other hand, they’re very beautiful and decorative; they have a violet tone and are shaped like a pin. They require lots of light, although they resist the winter weather and they also adapt to rocky areas and dry soils. Lavender brings a sweet and bright virtue to any bridal look.


These flowers are commonly used for decorative and culinary purposes, because they are edible. They considered wild flowers and are often seen in gardens and lawns. They give a colorful and rustic atmosphere. They can be used in sweets and cakes, fields, the bride’s headdress, the groom’s bouquet, and invitations for guests.


This flower is native to Africa, but it has spread throughout the Mediterranean. It is a very aromatic and multicolored plant. The beautiful and intense flowers come in colors such as blue, white and even yellow, and are perfect to freshen up the place.


From Asia, hydrangeas are fleshy plants with large leaves and lilac or blue flowers. They are elegant and delicate, perfect for summer weddings, and their wide variety of colors play along with any type of decoration.


This plant blooms in winter and during the spring in the forests of Europe, and some regions of the Mediterranean. Anemones are generally large flowers. There are approximately 120 varieties of anemones in the world with a wide variety of colors such as white, red, pink, purple or blue. They are said to bring good luck and protect people against negative energies.

You can also use different plants to decorate your wedding, such as cacti, paniculatas, wheat, eucalyptus, and olive trees. It is always good to add ties of sackcloth, boats, baskets, tents, wood, rocks and even recycling material to give an unforgettable rustic and country style.

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Allergy symptoms are commonly associated with conjunctivitis, redness, itching of the eyes, tearing, rhinitis, sneezing, and congestion. If you’re allergic to pollen, you should know that you belong to one fifth of the population who live with these symptoms. This is why, in this section, we’ll tell you how to enjoy the beauty of flowers and its plants without causing discomfort on your wedding day.

Most pollen allergies come from plants that have lightweight pollen, which is spread through the air. For this reason, allergies cause symptoms such as red eyes and running nose when people are close to green areas, forests, etc.

Some flowers and plants have thicker and heavier pollen, and do not cause allergies because their pollination is carried out through insects. Therefore, we recommend to use flowers with thick pollen such as hydrangeas, orchids, roses, azaleas, jasmine, garden pansies and coves if you want to look fabulous on your special day.


The Secret of Having a Pink Bouquet

Although it may seem old fashioned, at the end of the day, nothing matters more than what you like. If you are a romantic woman and you want an elegant pink-flower bouquet, you are in the right place.

The truth is that mixing pink flowers in any trend is not an easy task if you are on a budget. Sometimes people sacrifice elegance for what they want… But that doesn’t have to be the case most of the time. Here are some tips to include pink flowers in your beautiful event without leaving elegance aside.

You should have in mind that not all pink flowers will look good. You should also consider what kind of wedding you will have in order to choose the best pink flowers; remember that everything must be in the same wavelength.

Look for seasonal flowers that not only match the decoration, but also your own attire. They should combine with your makeup, your dress and your style.

Depending on what type of pink flower you choose, you must choose the shape of the bouquet. If they are roses, the best is the classic bouquet, but if the bouquet is cascading, you can use lilies of the valley, freesias or peonies.

Remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and happy, because a happy bride is an elegant bride.


The Best Kind of Flowers You Can Grow in Florida

It’s no secret that the Florida weather varies a lot during the year. Some flowers can hang the test of time –and temperature, and those are the ones you should take into consideration.





This low-maintenance flower is perfect since it blooms all year round. The Florida landscape is filled with shades of pink, purple and even blue. There are many variants and they grow in different sizes. It’s a way to keep Florida close to your heart!






Blue Daze



Also known as Evolvulus, this flower offers a true-blue tone, perfect to add something different and romantic to your event








Did you know this is Florida’s official state flower? With its particular yellow color, it has the ability to make any scenery or landscape brighter and happier. You can find it in a variety of yellow tones: orange, brown, burnt colors. One of its secrets: it’s drought-tolerant and attracts butterflies.






Blue Salvia



This violet-purple or white flower does well in southeast USA, but in Florida, it’s present during spring, summer and fall. This is perfect if you want to add a touch of magic to your centerpiece or bouquet






One of the things these flowers have in common is that they can stand the Florida weather of high temperatures and seasons of drought. And even though they are simple, they can be used in bouquets, as complementary flowers, as part of centerpieces, or to add a little touch around the table.

While we’re making the most important events unforgettable, we like to add familiarity to your day. Whether is your home flower or your favorite colors, it’s something we like to do for you. We’re just one click away. Contact us.



What wedding dress would be complete without a good bouquet to accompany it? Flowers bring color and life to any place, and they have different kinds of meaning for us. They will be the stars of all videos and photographs that capture all the memorable and beautiful moments on the most important day of your life. This is why you must know how to choose them in order to fit your style and harmonize the place.


Christmas represents the brightest season of the year; therefore, it is important to choose the perfect flowers that will play along with the decoration. It will be a good option to work with seasonal flowers; they will not only give a style in line with the season, but they will also be cheaper and stay fresh for longer. Moreover, December is a great time to take risks and you will have the opportunity to innovate. Here are five wedding flower ideas and five different props that go with the decoration to help you get inspired.


  1. Tulips


Originally from Persia and Turkey, tulips are the true love flowers; each color symbolizes different types of love. If you want to convey your feelings through your flower bouquet, here’s the meaning of their different colors:


  • White Tulips: purity, innocence and humility; the color commonly chosen by brides.
  • Orange Tulips: fascination, warmth and happiness.
  • Red Tulips: true love and passion.
  • Pink Tulips: happiness, security and care.






  1. Orchids


Orchids are one of the most appreciated flowers in gardening; recognized by their delicate, beautiful and exotic character. They are the symbol of beauty, passion, irresistible love, and unconditional surrender of the heart. They also represent luxury, elegance, exclusivity, and they are said to have protective and aphrodisiac properties. Orchids have been the inspiration for the most romantic and beautiful fairies, nymphs and legendary goddesses.



  1. Anemones


A member of a large family with over 120 species, anemones are tuberous plants with a variety of shapes and colors. This flower comes from Japan, and it is known to attract good luck and protect people against negative energies. Anemones have different colors to choose according to your style, and they symbolize adventurous, dangerous, intense and unpredictable love




  1. Ranunculus & Peonies


Ranunculus flowers are not commonly known and are often confused with peonies for their impressive, colorful beauty. Although they are smaller than peonies, they share with them the beauty and abundance of their curly petals, imbuing them with a delicate and exuberant aspect. If you want a flower that conveys sweetness and romanticism, either ranunculus or peonies will work perfectly, because both share beautiful corollas and silky, abundant curly petals, as well as a wide variety for all preferences and emotions.


On the other hand, peonies are known for their large and showy flowers. This abundance, chaotic and delicate at the same time, is what attracts most of the attention to their petals. They also have a delicate fragrance: simply perfect! It doesn’t matter if your wedding has a vintage, rustic, fancy or classic style. If you want to create a romantic and sweet atmosphere, either ranunculus or peonies are your best choice.



  1. Cotton Flower


These peculiar flowers look like snowballs, giving a soft aspect and creating precious wedding bouquets. They can be combined with thick branches and wild or dried flowers, and add a welcoming, unique and original touch to your wedding




Once you’ve chosen the flowers, now it’s time to choose some objects, accessories or props that you must have on your Christmas-themed wedding. Here are some ideas:


  1. Christmas Lights Everywhere



  1. Christmas Tree




  1. Christmas Candles



  1. Santa Claus Hats


  1. Pinecone Decorations








There is nothing as sweet and moving as looking at young children opening your marriage. This tradition comes from the Middle Ages, when princesses came with their children who helped them carry their dresses. Although there is not a general age for them, brides and grooms usually choose boys and girls between 4 and 6 years old to be part of the wedding procession. They can be nephews, godchildren or even sons.


The flower girls are in charge of throwing flowers along the way before the bride arrives, announcing her arrival with a little sign, carrying the tail of her dress, throwing rice at the end of the ceremony, or giving away some mementos of the wedding.


They are also in charge of taking the rings and offerings to the altar. It is important to know that this has to be planned with time in order to teach children how to be ready for their participation. For this reason, here are some tips to manage your flower girls.




  1. Don’t pick too many girls. It could be difficult to coordinate them. Either way, their parents will be your best ally.
  2. Choose your flower girl between four and nine years old, because if they are younger, they will not pay attention to the instructions.
  3. Practice before the ceremony. This way, your flower girls will know how to act when the time comes.
  4. Combine the same style or the same dress color in order to harmonize with the wedding.
  5. Keep a natural look without excess makeup.


                     Romantic Style


Look: subtle, elegant, delicate, inspired by princesses.

Hair: straight or curly hairstyle.

Dress: classic, siren, or princess, decorated with precious stones.

Flowers: roses, dragon’s mouth, hydrangeas, peonies or baby’s-breath.

Accessories: white flowers, crystals, precious stones, tiara, golden pieces or ribbons.

Colors: usually pink, pastel tones or bright colors.





                               Boho-Chic Style

Look: Simple, comfortable, flowery, inspired by 70s hippies.

Hair: casual or braided hairstyle.

Dress: casual, fresh, simple, inspired by nature.

Flowers: flowers with bright colors, preferably wild.

Accessories: crown of flowers.

Colors: nature tones.





                                        Shabby Chic Style

Look: Sophisticated, delicate, inspired by Victorian era.

Hair: twisted and elegant or wavy hairstyle.

Dress: rustic, simple cuts or skirts with layers.

Flowers: Roses can be matched with different colors.

Accessories: flower ornaments or crown of flowers.

Colors: Pastel color palette, especially white.






                        Vintage Style (30s-70s)


Look: Elegant, ancient, classic, second hand.

Hair: Casual o elegant hairstyle.

Dress: Delicate lace, classic or long-sleeve style.

Flowers: Roses or wild flowers.

Accessories: Oversized jewelry or old materials.

Colors: The color palette may vary, it can use pastel tones, dark or bright colors, and if it is a pin-up style, red is the main color.







The Modern Rules of Vegetarian Wedding Menus

Organizing a wedding is complicated. Designing the menu even more! However, if your guests and you have certain restrictions, it becomes complicated mix of things.

If your diet or your family’s is vegan and you decide to offer a vegan menu at your wedding, read on.

There will always be very rich options to feed your guests. There are many choices and a variety of dishes that you can serve.

If you like Asian food, for instance, vegan sushi is an excellent choice as a main course. The dips will always be a great way to keep your guests entertained and will give them many options to enjoy. Here are more dishes and amuse-bouches to expand your choices.

As an entree, you can serve a delicious salad, or something citrus, maybe a bit of ginger. As a main course you can serve a gazpacho or you can resort to stuffed mushrooms. As a dessert, a fruit roll or bowl will always be well seen and enjoyed.

For the cake you do not have to worry; you can ask them to use rice flour, some chia and lots of fruits. If chocolate does not displease you, you can offer a delicious mix of strawberry and chocolate.

We can assist you in whatever you need. Our mission is to make your day the best.

Contact us!


5 Flowers You Should Have in Your Fall Wedding

The weather is getting colder, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have the best flowers for your wedding –or any event, for that matter. Fall is usually related to warm colors, but colder weather in general; if you could personify fall as a person, it would be feminine, but bright.

If you’re planning to organize your wedding during these months, there are some considerations to keep in mind: the temperature, how many types of flowers you are going to use, and how long it would take you to plan out the flowers you will use.

So, what are my options?

Now that you know your questions, do you know which are the most typical?






These are the symbols of fall. Their bright colors and leafiness make it the perfect flowers to complement a bouquet or a centerpiece.







 New York Daisy



To add a touch of purple, New York Daisies or Michaelmas Daisies are ideal. These types of daisies are exactly what you’re looking for if you are in need of a delicate touch or if you’re looking for the missing piece in your bouquet.








Their name refer to sunny days;  sunflowers, or perennials, are the vibrant touch your centerpiece might need!









Pansies are probably the most perfect fall flower: they offer versatility thanks to the variety of colors, and they don’t only blossom during the fall; they’re also perfect for spring!







With their beautiful shades of pink, purple, blue and white, asters are ideal all year round. Plus, their colors are great to break the color palette.






Tell us, which are the flowers that can make the most important events unforgettable?