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5 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

Organizing a wedding is not an easy task. Like every event, a wedding needs an impeccable production and delicacy in the details. In addition to taking into account all the details, you are exposed to the natural nerves that this day generates in you.

All brides want their wedding to be perfect and unforgettable. In addition to feeling the pressure of their expectations, they also feel that they should please others. All this generates an unnecessary waste of energy and increases the possibility of making wedding planning mistakes.

If you are starting the preparations for your wedding, this post is for you. Keep reading and find out what you should not do.

Not controlling stress

Stress is a life partner that you have to get rid of. It usually appears in the worst possible moments, and planning the most important day of your life is one of those moments. Control pre-nuptial stress doing activities that distract you.

Not having a clear budget

It is very important that you know your financial limits, how much you can spend and when to say enough. This is a big and important investment, we know, but remember that now you must consider and your future husband’s income. You can do a lot with little money, get creative!

Please everyone

It’s your wedding, it’s your day. What others want shouldn’t interest you. You already have a lot to think about, don’t waste energy on other people’s wishes. Worry about making yourself and your boyfriend happy and making that day the best for both of you.

Not asking for help

Although you are amazing, you are not Wonder Woman. Even if you want to, you can’t cover everything. Ask for help when you need it, there will always be people willing to help. Relax a little. Ask for help from people you trust.

Not including your future husband

Your future husband must also have a voice and a vote. Your special day is also his special day, so it’s fair that he also gets involved in the process. Let him intervene and make decisions. It is important that he feel as happy as you.


Trends in wedding decoration 2019

2019 is going to give a lot of talk about trends. According to the Pantone Color Institute, the color for next year will be a tone called Living Coral, a beautiful coral color with a pink undertone that will bring life to your decoration.

Taking into account what the trend color will be, we will tell you how to decorate your wedding and be in trend in 2019.

You should know that the decoration should include much of your essence, your tastes and your lifestyle, For this reason, it is very important that you can relate to it and make it yours. Among the trends for next year, you will find:


Natural and more natural

2019 will be all about simple and organic. Incorporate elements of nature into your decoration. Decorate your cake with natural flowers, use tree arrangements to create a cozy atmosphere, and use plants and flowers.

Garden Glam

Garden Glam will take over interiors. Recreating a large garden full of elegance, flowers, and your loved ones will make you feel in a movie. This 2019 trend is here to stay and to make your decoration a dream come true.


The idea of ​​this trend is to recreate a forest. It is true that this was a trend in 2018, but in 2019, it will be more in than ever. Use trees, trunks, branches and candles to give an incredible look to your special day.

Boho Folk

This trend is characterized by the use of strong colors and different textures. Indigo blue, details in Living Coral and mustard, ethnic prints, dreamcatchers, fabrics, and all this in a natural environment. Exotic flowers and vibrant colors for your wedding day. Isn’t it a dream?


The tropical wave takes over next year. Following the organic theme and using elements of nature to decorate, the tropical trend is here to stay. Pineapples, palm trees, an imposing green vegetation, a few bamboos, and you’re ready to go: the Caribbean is at your wedding!

Attention! Lights!

In 2019, lighting will be the center of your decoration. It doesn’t matter how you decorate if it isn’t so illuminated that everyone can appreciate it. Lighting enhances the space, improves it, and makes it more attractive.


Wedding cake: decoration with flowers

After the bride, the next main subject in a wedding is the cake. This item is not only decorative; cutting it is one of the most anticipated moments of the celebration.


In addition to enjoying its taste, it is a visual pleasure to admire how much detail the cake is made in. That’s what this post is about. We will tell you about the new trend in wedding cake decoration: flowers!

Currently, the trend in terms of wedding cake decoration are flowers, simple and minimalist. Flowers are associated with romance, subtlety and love, so they are the perfect touch for your perfect day.

However, although there are many beautiful flowers, you can’t use any type of flower or put them anywhere on the cake. You should have a delicate design and include the flowers you want to add.

The idea is to have a simple cake, not excessive ornamentation. What should stand out is the dedicated floral game. We will tell you about the ideal flowers for your cake!


We have always said that roses are the queens of flowers! This flower symbolizes romance, and besides being beautiful, it has a subtle scent that will blend perfectly with the smell of your cake. In addition, there is a wide variety of sizes and colors. Choose the one you want!


Peonies are considered the flowers of wealth and prosperity; they are also very elegant and have many colors. You can choose them as your central flowers.


They are beautiful flowers to decorate your cake. Maybe they won’t work as your main flowers, but they will be a perfect companion. Look for them in all their colors!


These flowers are small, beautiful and delicate, perfect to add beautiful details to the cake.


They’re beautiful, with bright colors and considerable size. They provide a simple but powerful touch. You can use them as your main flowers or as companions.

Use natural flowers on your cake, so you will have a natural and bohemian touch on the most important day of your life. Dare to try!


Top 5 best-smelling flowers

For many women, their wedding day is the most important day of their life. Weddings are celebrations of love and commitment, where good taste and details play a very important role.

An important detail in weddings, one that often goes unnoticed, are flowers. It is not just a matter of combining them to create a beautiful decoration; you should also take into account their fragrance and what results from the combination with other smells. Keeping this aspect in mind could change the way you will experience and remember your great day.

Our memory works with a complex system of associations that allows us to remember important moments of our life through images, tastes or smells. For this reason, it is important that you fill your big day with elements that will help you and your loved ones remember it.

Smells, in particular, are a great vehicle for memories. For that reason, and for you to fill your wedding venue with sublime and pleasant fragrances; we have prepared for you a list of the best-smelling flowers:

1) Rose

The classic rose is not the queen of flowers by chance. This flower, besides being beautiful and versatile, has an intoxicating and imposing smell. There are about 30,000 types of roses, so you should not limit yourself. Find the one that most closely resembles what you want and permeate your venue with this smell.

2) Freesia

The smell of this flower transports us to spring, to freshness. If your wedding will be at that time of the year, this will be a perfect flower for you. If your wedding will not be in spring but you want to have this delicious smell stunning your guests, you just have to ask. We can get any type of flower if you request it in advance.

3) Lavender

Lavender is another favorite. Its smell is simply delicious and also therapeutic. It has relaxing properties that will give your wedding an air of calm and serenity. Its pleasant shape and color allow them to be combined with many other flowers.

4) Jasmine

If you are looking for a flower not only to decorate but also to carry in your bouquet, Jasmine will always be a great option. It has a characteristic and fresh smell that subtly impregnates its surroundings. If you are a bride who likes simple and small details, this could be your flower.

5) Hyacinth

This is a good option for those who do not like the smell of lavender so much. If you like the shape and style of lavender but you don’t like its herbal smell, hyacinth is the best option. It has an exquisite floral smell, a little less intense than lavender, and you can also use it ornamentally.


Tips to handle stress before the wedding

The happiest day of your life is also one of the most stressful. Planning this great event means being exposed to emotions, stress and nerves, and you don’t want all this to play tricks on you.

It is very important that you rest enough and be totally calm to fully enjoy your big day. Your mind must be your ally and not your enemy, keeping it clear must be your great mission.

For this to happen, we have prepared some tips that will help you avoid pre-wedding stress.

Organize and delegate

We know how important this day is for you, and that you would love for everything to come out as you imagine, but you can’t be in control of everything. Delegate responsibilities and activities to people you trust. This is essential so you can be calm and confident. Remember; do only what you can. Achievable goals, achievable results.

Don’t eat too much

In some women, anxiety creates a desire to eat. Try to control your appetite, drink a lot of water and don’t ignore the issue. After all, your wedding shouldn’t generate more problems than happiness. Think of the dress!

Distract yourself a little

This is the most important day of your life, but it is not your life. You must understand that your life dynamics won’t come to a halt by your wedding. You have to make the effort to continue living as you did before you started planning the event. Don’t abandon your activities; go out with your friends, walk through the park. This will also help you with stress.

Love and enjoy

Live the moment with your boyfriend. Enjoy the occasions when you can share and love each other. Go out, enjoy, do fun activities together, reinforce the bond that exists between you; after all, it will be your last days as singles!


Do not let the anxiety generated by all this prevent you from sleeping. Happy brides are brides who sleep. You must rest enough so that you can deal with all your activities. You do not want to get to your wedding exhausted and with bags under your eyes.

Let it go

You must understand that some things won’t go perfect and that’s fine. Give your best and organize everything the best you can, if there are still things that didn’t go as planned, don’t bother. Live your big day and understand that making it perfect only depends on the love that the couple feels for each other.


Get married in December: Pros and Cons

If you are thinking of getting married in the happiest month of the year but you do not know if it is convenient, or what are the pros and cons of getting married in December, this post is for you.

December is a beautiful month. More and more brides are deciding to get married in winter and this is no coincidence. When the end of summer comes, the end of the wedding season comes and this brings a couple of benefits!


The wedding season is over and the best places are free for your big celebration, you can choose the place you want!

Christmas generosity

At this time of the year it is much more likely that your guests can give you a gift that comes from the heart so, take advantage of it!

Lower prices

In winter, prices go down. The wedding season is over and that means that prices will automatically go down, so you can save some money!


If you like pale tones, white and earthy colors, there is much that can be done in terms of decoration. You can make snow part of your decoration. Play with the elements that nature gives you to make an original wedding!


If the photographer knows how to take advantage of it, you will have beautiful scenes to photograph. Snow will be your best ally, and if you do not have snow, you will have plants and trees ready to be photographed.

The Dress

A dress with long sleeves makes brides look elegant, fashionable and in tune with the season. Find yours!

However, you should also consider some things that are not too positive if you want to have your wedding in December.


The cold will be your enemy. The weather will not play in your favor if your wedding venue is outdoors, take this into account. You do not want to spend your wedding day freezing.


You should know that it is likely to rain. If you plan to have your wedding in December, consider the forecast on your wedding day.

Christmas and New Year

Keep in mind that the weeks of Christmas and New Year are quite busy. If you are going to get married in December, try to do it on the first days.


Reasons to celebrate your wedding (have a party)

Many couples are torn between celebrating their wedding with a party or not. The truth is that the costs of this type of celebration, often make any couple hesitate.

Although the belief is that it takes absurd amounts of money to organize and celebrate a wedding, this is not true in all cases. Of course, you can spend as much money as you want! But you can also save a lot if you know what you want, if you lower the costs, and if you hire a professional who does not waste your money.

To answer the question that you are probably asking yourself, we will tell you the reasons why we believe that the answer is absolutely yes! Is it worth investing in celebrating your big day?


  1. It only happens once in a lifetime

Even if you marry several times, you will never marry again for the first time. The illusion and expectations generated by this great day and being with your loved ones is unmatched. In addition, we will always believe that the best thing in life is to invest in experiences and memories that are transformed into stories.

  1. The complete experience

Throwing a party, or not, doesn’t lessen the love that the bride and groom have, let alone downplay the truly relevant act: the ceremony. However, having a celebration will allow you to live the full experience and enjoy that special day to the fullest.

  1. It’s not just for you

When a couple decides to celebrate their wedding, they are not only thinking about them, but also everyone who once had the illusion of seeing them go through that stage of life. To celebrate is to make common memories, and not only you will remember that important day, but all those who love you.

  1. Money is circumstantial

Although it is not about wasting it, but putting it in the hands of an expert like Eduardo Perrone who will always know how to take advantage of it and make magic with it, money is circumstantial, it comes and goes. More important than the amounts you have in the bank are those experiences it allows you to have.

  1. In the end it is about your great day

Imagine living that experience and looking around and seeing the people you love the most, all gathered in one place, all watching you grow and move forward, enjoying the love you feel for your partner; imagine all that joy! Gathering all your friends and family is something that only a party for you can achieve.


Decoration with hanging ornaments

Decorating weddings with hanging ornaments is a wedding trend that has been growing little by little. The creation of magical and surreal spaces calls for this style of decoration. Glass spheres, flowers, and bottles are some of the elements that are used to create this style that brides love.

A wedding decoration must follow a very clear line; it has to be an extension of the bride and groom’s personalities. If you want to create an environment like this and you want the decoration of your wedding to be magical, discover everything you can do with this trend!

Glass containers shaped like drops

These containers are one of the easiest to decorate. This trend, in general, helps to solve gaps in the decoration, generated by the lack of budget, and also adds a beautiful touch. You can use spheres that typically have some flower or cactus inside, to balance the decoration. Use ferns to complement.


Bottles are one of the most popular hanging elements. Inside them you can place flowers, and the effect they achieve is simply beautiful. You can place them in the space where the photo sessions will be. Remember to use the same type of flowers that you will use in the rest of the decoration. You always have to take care of the harmony.

Open spheres

Open glass spheres are perfect for night weddings. Inside them you can place candles, which will help transform the environment into a space full of romance. If your wedding is in the day, you can use this type of spheres with flowers to add an innocent and sweet touch to your decor.

Light bulbs

Bulbs are another big favorite. If your wedding is at night, in an open space, maybe this is your type of hanging decoration. In addition to providing lighting, they bring a lot of style. They are cheap and can be used almost anywhere.

Paper spheres

These types of spheres are very used in weddings because they are elegant and simple. If your wedding is in a closed space, they are perfect to add a unique touch to your big day. They are inexpensive and can be used anywhere.

Paper lamps

The effect that these elements create is gorgeous; delicate, subtle, and full of romance. If you want to get married on the beach, this is an excellent idea. Use paper lamps and fill your decoration with magic. To avoid accidents, use battery-powered lights.



Boho style or boho-chic style will always be trending in the fashion world. Relaxed, romantic, flowery, original, comfortable, rebel, free and vintage are words that describe this style. Over the last year, it has been popularized in weddings because brides and grooms wish to create a sense of low-cost with a retro style for weddings; this means a simple wedding with a personalized and welcoming room for guests.


Every boho atmosphere needs wild flowers, wooden baskets, vintage accessories and many natural colors. Wild flowers are those that grow naturally or in the wild without direct or intentional human intervention. They can be whether common or exotic, and achieve a romantic and cozy atmosphere. This is why we will help you combine different kind of wild flowers and all the benefits they have for you in terms of beauty and accessibility.


These are quite aromatic flowers. On the other hand, they’re very beautiful and decorative; they have a violet tone and are shaped like a pin. They require lots of light, although they resist the winter weather and they also adapt to rocky areas and dry soils. Lavender brings a sweet and bright virtue to any bridal look.


These flowers are commonly used for decorative and culinary purposes, because they are edible. They considered wild flowers and are often seen in gardens and lawns. They give a colorful and rustic atmosphere. They can be used in sweets and cakes, fields, the bride’s headdress, the groom’s bouquet, and invitations for guests.


This flower is native to Africa, but it has spread throughout the Mediterranean. It is a very aromatic and multicolored plant. The beautiful and intense flowers come in colors such as blue, white and even yellow, and are perfect to freshen up the place.


From Asia, hydrangeas are fleshy plants with large leaves and lilac or blue flowers. They are elegant and delicate, perfect for summer weddings, and their wide variety of colors play along with any type of decoration.


This plant blooms in winter and during the spring in the forests of Europe, and some regions of the Mediterranean. Anemones are generally large flowers. There are approximately 120 varieties of anemones in the world with a wide variety of colors such as white, red, pink, purple or blue. They are said to bring good luck and protect people against negative energies.

You can also use different plants to decorate your wedding, such as cacti, paniculatas, wheat, eucalyptus, and olive trees. It is always good to add ties of sackcloth, boats, baskets, tents, wood, rocks and even recycling material to give an unforgettable rustic and country style.

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Allergy symptoms are commonly associated with conjunctivitis, redness, itching of the eyes, tearing, rhinitis, sneezing, and congestion. If you’re allergic to pollen, you should know that you belong to one fifth of the population who live with these symptoms. This is why, in this section, we’ll tell you how to enjoy the beauty of flowers and its plants without causing discomfort on your wedding day.

Most pollen allergies come from plants that have lightweight pollen, which is spread through the air. For this reason, allergies cause symptoms such as red eyes and running nose when people are close to green areas, forests, etc.

Some flowers and plants have thicker and heavier pollen, and do not cause allergies because their pollination is carried out through insects. Therefore, we recommend to use flowers with thick pollen such as hydrangeas, orchids, roses, azaleas, jasmine, garden pansies and coves if you want to look fabulous on your special day.