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What kind of wedding venue is the right one for you?

How can you know the right wedding venue? This is a great question. When you get married and you want your loved ones to be part of that day, there are many aspects that you must take into account.

Llike all aspects of a wedding, the location deserves to be considered. In the end, you don’t want to find yourself in a place that you do not like or that does not inspire you on such a special day. Although there is no “perfect place” to get married, there is a perfect place for you, and it will depend on what you are looking for and your priorities. To find your ideal place, here are some things that you must bear in mind.


Many couples choose a place close to where they live. Most do this to make it easier for the couple to travel to and from home and avoid setbacks. However, if many of your guests live far away from the place you have in mind, perhaps you should look for a place that is halfway. The intention is that your guests do not miss your wedding because of the distance, or that you don’t have to travel across the city to get married either. Everything in balance.

Ceremony vs celebration

Keep in mind that the religious ceremony venue, in case you have one, should be close to the place where the celebration and the banquet will be held. Avoid having your guests and yourself move too much to get from one place to another.


You must take into account the infrastructure of the location you choose, if you imagine your great day there. This is an important aspect, because the arrangement of the tables, the dance floor, and the decoration will depend on the layout.

The amount of people

This is also very important. You may love a venue, but if it is not big or comfortable enough for all your guests, you should look elsewhere. In addition to how nice a location can be, you should also make sure everyone is comfortable.


It is important that the place you choose offers you the privacy that a day like that requires. When you and the groom go see the locations, take this aspect into account. To find your perfect place, you need not only beauty, but also privacy.


Wedding hairstyle trends

What hairstyle a bride will wear is an important choice. On the day of a woman’s wedding, there are no irrelevant decisions. Absolutely everything is important and will convey something. Many women leave the hairstyle aside, prioritizing makeup or other things. The hairstyle describes your personality and, when choosing one, the idea is that you feel yourself and free to do what you want on your big day.

2019 is a year of great expectations and trends, brides are the darlings of the trends and that’s why we bring you a list of the most chic hairstyles for brides you can wear on your wedding day.

Loose hair

Loose hair is back! If that day you do not want any structure in your hair and you want to let your hair dance with the air, this is the trend for you. Don’t worry if it looks simple; the trend comes with small details. You can put delicate pearls, hooks with stones or small flowers in your hair.

This trend includes two large variations:


A perfect and impeccable, smooth, straight, no-frizz style is one of the big favorites.

Long waves

A long mane with slightly marked waves is a definite YES this season.


This year, pigtails have changed a bit. They will no longer be the classic rigid and tall pigtails. Now pigtails will have less structure and will be low, loose and without much pressure. It might seem a very simple style; however, it is designed to be minimalistic and to highlight the features of your face.


Bows are one of the big favorites this season, not only in dress trends, but also in hairstyle trends; with your hair up and a big bow on your head, you will look sophisticated.


Braids came back to never leave. The French braid is one of the most common looks. They will give you a youthful and carefree appearance so you can enjoy the best day of your life.


Tips to have an outdoor wedding

The days of the classic weddings were left behind. Nowadays, and in the event that you desire a religious ceremony, it is not necessary to perform your wedding ceremony in a church. Many brides are excited by the idea of getting married in open spaces, feeling the breeze and the sunlight on their faces when they say “I Do”.

The contact with nature, trees, grass, sunlight, colors and smells are one of the aspects that most appeal to brides when deciding to have their outdoor wedding. However, if you made this decision, you must keep some things in mind.

The right season

This is something that the couple MUST keep in mind. If you will have an outdoor wedding you should control all possible aspects. If you dream of a cool and comfortable environment and rays of light shining through the trees, you should plan your wedding at the right season of the year. Spring and fall in Orlando are ideal to make your dream come true. Choose a month with lower odds of rain and get ready to rock!

Plan B, always a plan B!

Even when the couple is meticulous and careful in planning their wedding, there are things that they can’t control. Maybe the weather forecast is wrong and nothing can be done against nature. Don’t let a little water ruin the happiest day of your life and take action. Find a covered place or hire one large enough to comfortably accommodate you and your guests.


Your wedding photos will immortalize the day you chose love above all, so you should consider having a place with shade to make the perfect photos and not let the sun ruin them. Many couples find this unnecessary and don’t take the decoration or the photo spaces into account. Do not take your memories lightly.


If your wedding is in the afternoon and the celebration will be at night, you need to take the lighting into account. In this case, the lighting will count as a decorative element that will make your wedding look sophisticated and vintage. It is very important that you design where the lights will go in advance to make sure that everything is well lit.


Outdoor decoration is one of the things decorators enjoy the most; nature is the perfect canvas. Hire a decorator you trust, there is no room for mistakes on that day. The Eduardo Perrone team knows very well how important it is for you to identify with the decor.

The dance floor

This is a very important aspect. A good place for the dance floor must be chosen. There, you will have your first dance as a married couple, and your guests will have fun and hang out. Try not to make it too small or it will affect everyone who wants to dance.


What is a wedding planner in charge of?

The truth is that on our blog, the term wedding planner is a term used recurrently. Some people think that a wedding planner is a decorator, others that he is an organizer. However, today we will tell you exactly what he is in charge of, so you can see more easily why he is so important in a wedding.

This occupation arose for the first time in the 1950s in the United States, and was one of the first occupations that women could perform. When men decided to get married, everything had to be organized. They realized that they did not have enough time to do it, so they needed someone with the necessary skills to take care of organizing the wedding.

Nowadays, 75% of couples decide to contract these services in the United States. Why has it become so essential? We’ll tell you what a wedding planner is in charge of.

Initial interview

Usually, a wedding planner has an initial interview with the couple to meet them and know their preferences and tastes. It is important to create a bond with the couple and understand their individual styles to be able to integrate everything on the wedding day. A wedding planner is in charge of creating the magic of that day.


A wedding planner is responsible for planning and organizing that important day in the life of any couple. Due to his great experience in the area, he offers the bride and groom the possibility of creating a unique celebration according to their tastes.


He is also responsible for suggesting options to the couple for every aspect of the wedding. The wedding planner has the ability to see things that the couple can’t see. The fact of being someone from the outside allows him to make better decisions according to the profile of the couple.

Project development

He must create a project according to the couple’s budget. He must adjust very well to it and make the best possible with that money. The wedding planner presents the project and, once approved by the couple, the entire production process begins.


At this stage, the wedding planner must carry out all the necessary preparations for the big day. He must take care of all the details necessary to turn that day into magic, talk with the suppliers, help the bride, and much more.

The big day!

On the day of the wedding, the wedding planner must make sure that everything goes according to plan. He must coordinate everything, the religious ceremony, in case there is one, the catering for the guests, the drinks, the photos, the music, and all the aspects that will make the couple relax and experience their great day with love, peace of mind, and happiness.


The role of “godparents” in the wedding

It is a great privilege to be chosen as best man or matron of honor of a wedding. It means that the bride and groom trust and love those they choose. They choose them to be part of their lives as a married couple, to be present at all important moments, and to live many experiences together.

The choice of the “godparents”, or sponsors, in weddings is one of the most intimate choices that the couple should make, and choosing well can bring them much happiness in marriage.

That is why it is so important to analyze the options before making a decision. We will tell you the role of godparents in weddings, so you can make a better decision.

Company and support

Godparents must accompany and support the bride and groom at all times. Not just for the duration of the wedding preparations, or the ceremony. This is a task that they must carry out for the rest of their lives. Traditionally, the couple chooses one of their parents to be their godparents; however, it does not have to be that way. If it makes you happy to have one of your parents and one of your parents in law as godparents for your wedding, do it. If not, you can choose great friends.

Before the ceremony

Before the ceremony, the matron of honor usually accompanies and helps the bride with all the things she needs, such as choosing and organizing. The best man usually does the same with the groom, accompanies him and supports him in what he needs. They also usually organize the bachelor and bachelorette parties for the couple and make these parties unforgettable moments.

During the ceremony

Sponsors accompany and support the sacrament of marriage. The matron of honor will help the bride with the dress, support her, and be there for her. She will calm her down in the event that nerves torment her just as the best man will with the groom. Sometimes they are in charge of carrying the alliances and doing biblical readings in the religious ceremony.

After the ceremony

After the ceremony, and at the time of the banquet, the sponsors usually propose a toast and say a few words, describe moments they lived with the couple and, in addition, they attest to the deep love they feel for each other.

During life

The wedding sponsors usually accompany and support the married couple for as long as they are together. They should be in each step that they take as a couple, in the growth of the family, in the beautiful moments, and in the difficult ones, and they will help strengthen the bonds and the bases of that deep love.


The perfect wedding procession

Choosing the people that will be part of your wedding procession is quite important and complicated. Brides usually want to please everyone, so sometimes they feel guilty when choosing one person over another. Choosing people for the procession is not at all similar to making the guest list, since choosing the bridesmaids who will accompany you that day is a much more personal decision.

How Can You Have the Perfect Wedding Guest List?

We can tell you that the worst mistake when choosing the people that will be part of your wedding procession is trying to please everyone. It is your day; it is you who must be happy and pleased. Therefore, here are some tips to choose the right people. Calm Do not make this decision hastily. You must sit and meditate about it. A momentary fight with any of your friends or family is not reason enough to get someone out of the procession. You must think with a cool head, in a moment of calm.

Choose a number

Fortunately, there is no specific number of people who could make up the procession. However, you can’t have all your guests be part of the procession either. We recommend you to choose 8 people at most; exceeding that number could make the wedding dynamics a little heavier.

Friends and family It is important that you feel comfortable with your decision. You should feel at home with your bridesmaids, please yourself and only yourself. Remember that they will be part of the memories of your great day. Choose the women who have always supported and cared for you. Tradition According to tradition, bridesmaids should be contemporaries of the bride and groom, and preferably, they should be single. However, tradition is not reason enough to exclude someone who is not your contemporary. If it makes you happy, do it.


Bridesmaids may or may not be accompanied. If the groom and you decide that the bridesmaids should be accompanied, you must choose boys of their same condition. Usually, the bride and groom divide this task: the bride chooses her girls and the groom chooses her boys.

Children! Traditionally, page boys and child bridesmaids are also chosen. They are children that will accompany you in the ceremony; usually they are in charge of carrying the alliances. If you have children in the family, make them part of that day! Dress time! This is one of the most important and exciting moments for the bride. You will not only have to choose your dress but the dress of the bridesmaids. This dress should go well with the wedding dress and the decoration, so prepare your friends and family, and go shopping!


How to choose the best decorator for your wedding

We have told you a million times how important it is to correctly plan your important day; however, we have not told you how to choose the right person to make that day shine.

Entrusting something so important to another person can be difficult, and if you trust the wrong person, it could be disastrous, so, we give you some tips to choose the best decorator for your wedding.

Currently, there are many people or companies that offer this service, but how can you know which option is the best?

Start the search

The best thing you can always do in this and every case is search, search and search. Finding the best option is not an easy task, so you should dig deep. Ask for opinions and references, it is important to know if the service provided by a certain person is reliable and excellent.

Prioritize your needs

If it is important for you to have a dream wedding and a decoration worthy of gods, then it is necessary that you consider your budget. You must think what is not so necessary and how to save enough money to focus on the decoration and the decorator; remember that good service will always be a good investment.


The budget is essential. This does not mean that you need a huge budget, but you do need someone who knows how to use the money you have set aside for your wedding day. You must consider the services offered by the decorator and find one in line with what you can afford.


Once you find the perfect decorator, it is important that you meet with him and check his availability, as well as the dates. You must tell him how you want everything and design the decoration together. Time is essential, because all services must be contracted in advance.



Customer care

You will know that he is the perfect decorator if he listens to you with attention and always takes into account what you want and how. That is a great sign. For the Eduardo Perrone team, it is the most important thing.

Make a calendar

Decorating such a special event is not something that should be taken lightly. Not only is it a creative work, but also methodical and strict; everything must go according to plan. You will know he is a good decorator not only because he will focus on quality but also on the dates.



Top 3 honeymoon destinations

The honeymoon is as important as any other aspect in the organization of a wedding. The place chosen by the couple must be an ideal place that relates to both and a place where they feel comfortable and excited.

However, planning where to go can be upsetting, there are many destinations around the world and you will have to choose one. To help you, we have prepared a list of the 3 best places to go for a honeymoon in South America. Take note and get ready to know the wonders of the world at the hand of the person you love.

The American continent has beautiful places, places that must be visited, beaches that are waiting for you and your partner. Are you ready to go sightseeing as a couple?


  1. Peninsula of Yucatán, Mexico

This tropical paradise is perfect for you to celebrate the first days of marriage with your husband. This wonderful place is composed of 3 states: Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Campeche, so you will have much to do. You can visit Playa del Carmen and Cancun if you love the beach, but you will also have many other activities. The best bars and resorts in all of Mexico are located in this peninsula.

If you want to explore, you can also visit Chichen Itza, the most famous Mayan city in Mexico, and Calakmul in Campeche, another of the great Mayan cities. You can also have fun in Xcaret Ecotourism Park, a park designed for tourists and that enchants everyone in Mexico.


  1. Peninsula Valdés

Located in the south of Argentina, this peninsula was declared a UNESCO world heritage site. The beaches in this beautiful place are a paradise that you have to know with your partner. You can also do activities such as diving, sport fishing, windsurfing, sailing, mountain biking, trekking and sandboarding.

The waters in this peninsula are rich in marine diversity, many species inhabit it. One of the most famous activities is whale watching. You can make excursions to enjoy the swim of the whales, which are more visible at a certain time of the year.

Due to its cold climate, this peninsula is home to the largest continental colony of Magellanic penguins in the world, so if you like these types of animals, this is your perfect place.


  1. Peninsula of Baja California

The Cabo of San Marcos is located in the Peninsula of Baja California, this is a MUST for lovers. Its beaches constantly remind its visitors of the beauty in the world. El Médano Beach is the most famous beach; with bars and outdoor restaurants, you will have an experience like no other.

You can also visit El Amor beach, beautiful, romantic and perfect for diving and snorkeling, you can also visit Los Amantes beach, where you can go diving. Visit El Arco, a famous rock formation, perfect for unforgettable photos.


The best romantic songs for your wedding

Finding a song that conveys everything you feel for your beloved is one of the most difficult things in a wedding. The song you choose to immortalize your wedding day is as important as your choice of shoes or bouquet.

Preparing the music program can be complicated if you do not have the right advice. The arrival of the bride is one of the most anticipated moments in a wedding, as well as the first dance of the couple as husband and wife.

The first thing you should do is look for a song that identifies you and your love story; that will be a great starting point. To help you, we have prepared the top 8 best romantic songs for a wedding.


1. Everything I Do- Bryan Adams

This is one of the most classic songs that you can play on your wedding. You will immortalize your great day with a song that expresses everything you would do for your beloved.

2. Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol 

Snow Patrol captured a feeling in a melody.  This song tells a melancholic love story, which brings tears to anyone.

3. The Reason- Hoobastank

This song is perfect and sincere, as well as romantic. It conveys the message that despite not being perfect, we can love unconditionally.


4. You and Me- Lifehouse

This is another of the great classics. You and Me perfectly summarizes what it means to be in love as a couple.


5. A Thousand Years- Christina Perri

This song is a great modern classic, it has been used both for weddings and to immortalize the couples in great film productions.

6. Perfect- Ed Sheeran

Perfect for younger couples, Ed Sheeran is the god of love. This song represents the most incautious love. 


7. Is That Alright- Lady Gaga

By Oscar winner Lady Gaga, this great song comes from the Academy Awards nominated film “A Star is Born” soundtrack.


8. You Are the Reason- Calum Scott

Of the most recent romantic songs, this is one of the most moving. It expresses that the biggest reason is the person you love.


Reasons to hire a wedding planner

Planning the most important day of your life is not a simple task. In spite of the fact that the work of a wedding planner is excessively underestimated, the truth is that there are many details that must be taken into account.

A wedding planner carries the weight of the expectations of the bride, and must deliver everything that is expected from him. The planner must listen carefully to the wishes of the couple because, after all, their wedding day will be unique.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you must hire a professional like Eduardo Perrone. A good wedding planner should be an expert, as well as work with the best suppliers to guarantee the best of experiences. These are the reasons why you should hire him:



The importance of a wedding planner lies in the advice. No matter how well the couple is organizing things, unless they are dedicated to the bridal sector, they won’t know how to start. At the time of organizing a wedding, couples are lost and looking for someone who can advise them.



Nobody better than a good planner to stay within the budget. His knowledge of suppliers, as well as those tricks he uses to save money, are essential in this regard. He will also know where to invest money and in where there is no need to spend too much.


Peace of mind

If you are the one who organizes your wedding, stress will probably prevent you from enjoying the smallest details. Being involved in the creative process is not the same as being in charge of it. Stress is one of the bride’s worst enemies.



The couple can be creative; however, a wedding planner will know exactly how to capture the love story of the couple, in every detail of the decoration. In this way you will be sure that every aspect of your wedding will identify you and your beloved.



Although it may not seem like it, time is essential. If you have a wedding planner, you won’t waste time looking, seeing, asking for help. In short, having an expert in the area saves time.

Keep in mind that you should not skimp on your happiness and peace of mind; after all, getting married is the most important step of your life.